Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #32


Dear Family,
Awesome to hear that the play went awesome, wish I was there to see it. And it will be fun to see the family in a year and 5 months. It sounds pretty cool to live so close together. Glad to hear also you are going to a lot of different temples too. I really want to do that when I get back especially since there isn´t a temple here. but one day.  I am rocking it here well at least enjoying it with Elder Farely. He dies this Sunday and it will be very sad to see him go. We have lived in the same house for 5 months and it will be a little weird without him. But he taught me a lot of stuff on the mission. He has been one of the best companions I have ever had on the mission and I hope that it stays like that with the rest. I had liver yesterday too so that was new and I love tereré ( the grass drink thingy). We almost had another baptism but André is scared that his gRANDMA will stop talking to him and he wants to wait until he is 18 so he doesn´t have to ask permission. We tried to help him understand that one way aor another she will find out but who know maybe I will get to come back and baptize him when he turns 18 lol. We meet a lot of good poeple but the problem is they are not given a 100 percent on searching for an answer for themselves. We did meet a little girl (8 years olod) aaand she wants to be baptized but the mom was nit sure she understood the importance. we aare going to help0 the mom aunderstand why, and baptize her too.
Elder Farley is going to do a lot of shopping today. I going to tag along. the a button on the key board is super sensitive. English gets really hard to spell every day. Plus I feel more tired every day too. Feels like sometimes like ther is too much to do and not enough time to do it all. But spmehow we go where we are needed. It is really weird lol. Miss you all. hope all is going well.
Se amo
Elder Searle

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