Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #24


Dear Family,
The weather isn´t too bad, just super humid and rains a lot which sometimes makes it more humid and feels hotter.  I have seen tons of crazy looking bugs and snakes but haven´t seen anything outside of the zoo. I went to a zoo with elder Muniz and saw some cool stuff. (took lots of pics). I have eaten a lot of fruit here and I just don´t every remember their names but their not too bad. I have a lot of drunk people come up to me and ask me for money and I should help them because I am a man of God and I tell them so are you, everyone is a child of God and he will helps us if you listen to our message. Some of them get excited and hug you others just look at you confused.  It seems a lot of Brasilains here wake up drunk, drink in the moring, afternoon, and night, and they always smell like they are wasted. It doesn´t feel all that great getting a hug from a drunk person. Girls like to hiss at us especially when thay are drunk. I dunked on a brasilian that was 6´8`` last week, it was awesome. I am drawing still on P-day. I am also studing a lot of Jesus the Christ and revelations. Which are pretty sweet. Elder Lima dies next week so I will either get a new companion here or move and get a new comapnion or have a trio here, Don´t know what will happen. My new president will be an American but by that time I should be able to speak português pretty well. Oh and We were going to have 3 baptisms this week but they all fell through. 2 of them want more time, the other guy didn´t show up tho church and ya Elder Lima hasn´t quite done the best job, he has done good bu not the best.

Well I pray for all of you and I hope dada has some students. Hope Spencer can some how not do homework on Sunday and Treyson will be a beast. Glad to hear Hannah is doing great and being herself, I love her letters.

Love you all
Elder Searle

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