Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #23


Dear Family,
I am doing awesome and learning a lot about the Savior´s life. I have been reading Jesus the Christ and has been very interresting learning all the symbolism that Jesus taught and how much he taught and did. Elder Lima knows a lot about the Bible, he is a convert ( for only 5 years) and the only one in his family. So learning more about the story´s of Jesus helps when he is talking becuase he talks a lot about the 4 Gospels. Our investigators are progressing, well 3 of them and we are working very hard to have them feel ready for baptism. That seems to be the hardest part is helping people build a desire to be baptized rather than dragging them.  We also had to cut a few becuase they stopped progressing and don´t really have a desire they are what we call mole in Brasil. I am trying everyday to learn how to ask new and better questions and how to apply the gospel to others. I learn a lot from the odler missionaries. Glad to hear everyone is busy. And the best thing while we are busy is to always try to remember Him. I find that sometimes to be difficult when it is pouring rain and noone seems to be home. That is awesome trey will be starting and he is doing awesome. Keep Beasting it up!!!
Never allow yourself to be satistfied. Always try to put a hole in that floor as well as good placement, bu you already know all that so just be awesome. Well I think spencer will be sent to the moon on his mission. So that is number one, then the lost city of Atlantis and fianlly bermuda triangle. (Really, Japan, France, or Kanas).

Hey Hannah,
Glad to hear my tie got back to America and you will be trying out for track. Miss you!

Love You all!!!
Elder Searle

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