Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #28


Dear Family

Well I am not inthe office anymre and I am not companions with Elder Britto. ( FYI I actually did nt recieve the call to bethe secatary, only went there because my companion died half way through thetransfer and theprezadmitted he forgot to change me. Explains why he was always so shockedto see me in the office. ) I am with Elder Farely my ``older brother`` (we had the same dad) and we lived inthe same house for 4 months. He will be dying in 4 weeks too. LOL I guess I will kill about everyoneon themission field. He will be my 4th victim so ya I expecting it to befun, yet hard causewell he is trunky. I hope this helps me speak better in Portugues rather than hurt it but knowing Elder Farley he will keep that in check. I did enjoying learning about the office but it was hard not having a workable companion ( he worked jsut didn´t work with me) and not havinga regular scheduel. But I learned a few things, do what you think andfeel is right, don´t let the seniortell you differently, especially if he isn´t obeying the rules, just keep working anf the same time try to love your companion and those you teach. I dont know how somethings worked but they did.

So ya hope trey is having fun in volleyball and kicking butt. Hannah just needs to enjoy life, lol she is better suited that way, plus she can focuson getting an edge in high school if she really loves doing it. Spencer I would learn as much as you can about Japanesses and find a book that is called japanesses for dummies. It will really help you. Also I would study andmemorizescriptures you like. Iknow we should memorize the masteries but it is always easier to start with the ones we like and they oftenmean more when weshare them withother people. ( also I would worry less excatly what it says and more where it is.) Hope you redoing great mom and youare staying strong, I will be back in a yearand 6 months. Dad don´t stress out too much you will get sick,cause that is how I have felt in the office sick, I need to go domore contactsI guys  helps me feel like I am doing work which Elder BRitto has 9 new investiagtors so he has plenty to do there. LOve you all

Elder Searle

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