Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #25


Dear Family,
Well this week kinda sucked. Elder Lima was a total fubeca this week and did practically nothing. But we almost baptized someone again this week, they didn´t show up to their baptism. I will be transfered because Elder Lima dies today, but there is still two more weeks to the transfer so I could go some where else. I will be going to Cuiaba, basically centro and I have almosted stayed in Cristo rei, Vazae grande for 4 months. That is a long time. But it was a going living start and I did learn a lot even with Elder Lima who didn´t really want to do anything. I will be wiht ELder Britto who was in the same area as me last transfer but he was with Elder Farely. Elder Farely will die next transfer so it will be sad to see him go. I am half way done with Jesus the Cristo which is an awesome book. I am learning a lot about the parables used in the bible and what they actually mean and hoe to apply them. I am also in chapter 31 of 2nd NĂ© and it has really helped me teach investigators importance of baptism fe e small simple steps, a lot of the time we look a baptism as a gaint step, but in reality it is a simple opening of a door and slighty point our foot forward towards God. The hard part for investigators is the fact is they are facing in a whole new direction and they cannot see the end like we can. To them it is the drak mist in Lehi´s dream and we are trying to guide toward that bright tree of life. The hard part is making sure they take small steps toward that tree and always lifting them back up becasue it is vey difficult to see when it is dark and our eyes are blind. For the gospel does make us blind and unsure so that we may prove our faith and show God we really do want to follow him nad then when we have faith not just believe and do but truely realiy on him he heals us and opens our minds ears and hearts to greater things and we see the end we see the change and we want to continue to move forward. I learned a lot how Jesus taught and taught men that they may follow blindly and unsure so they can experience for themselves the trurth not just follow and then abondon when the work becomes dificult.

Well if you guys can´t tell my english is pretty bad and I guess, acording to Elder Farely, it will get worse but that is ok. Glad to hear trey is still being a beast, keep it up dawg. Spencer you are going to be an awesome missionary and make sure you tell you senior/dad how to really do work, that is if he is dying becsuae when missionaries die sometimes they don´t want to do anything but go home casue they are trunky. hannah you will get better just got to keep practicing and you will be amazing in my eyes just like your bros. You can do anything if you really have the desire and put forth the work, and if you don´t have a desire but would like one develope a desire through hard work and at least you will be proud of your best cause that is all that matters to God. Even in sports God will bless you if you put the effort into it. Mom I hope you are doing very well, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Don´t stress about life to much and always set a time for yourself even 5 min helps. Dad Thanks for your great wisdom. I do take all of it and I think I understand what it was like on your mission where fubecas did nothing but be trunky. I probably would have done what you did and have them work but 1st I needed to learn how to be a senior and work, plan, and lead; It is hard and stressful but I feel different then I did at the beginning. It´s less follow and more do and feel. Feeling is the tricky part but I learn how to more really and just act on whatever comes to my mind and feelings. Sometimes I have no idea what I am saying but they do and it helps. So thank you all for your support and I pray for your safety and health. 
Elder Searle

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