Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #29


Dear Family,
Ya well now I am in perda 90 it still in Cuiabá but in a different area and I guess an lot of missionaries spend alot of time there ( batizes a lot). I am with Elder Farely and we had the same dad which I killed and he will be my fourth victim, but he is cool just like Elder Muniz. We already had marked a batism and there are some cool members here, however I am learing the church in general here on my mission is very weak. part of the problem is missionaries in the past just baptizing childeren and the ward in general doesn´t get enough families but at the same time there are tons or menos activos and I have seen the home teaching results and there basically isn´t any. But some members do try which is good to see the that the church will at least not fall away in those areas.
Conference was interesting. They had an English room but it didn´t work so I listened to it in Portugues and taht was a lot harder than I thought. So I didn´t quite get a whole lot out of it but that is ok I got what I needed.. I think lol.
I just finished playing some basketball and a game with a soccer ball but is not futebol lol. We are not allowed to play soccer so we made up a game. Glad to hear trey is doing awesome and Hannah being amazing as always ( spiritually at least). And that is so cool to know that there are always something in the temple for us. I remember the 2nd in the temple and some old man came toward me and asked where I went on a mission and of course I hadn´t yet but I was going to Brasil and he talked about how he was the First of the 2nd group to go. So that is really exciting for Spencer. I wish I was there.
I am not too worried about the winter unless I go to the south and if I get could I will just buy something here. Can´t really think of anything to get me. but the pictures will mean a lot.
Well Elder Farely and I are getting along and I am learing a lot about the little things to help me speak better. He is a little trunky and dying but he wants to go all out, just like Muniz. I am almost 7 months in the mission too so I should be able to help even more than in the past. Miss you all ang hope school ends amazing and all is well.
se amo
Elder Searle

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