Monday, November 21, 2011

Letter #10 - Arrived in the Field

Hey mom,

It has been a hard 6 days, 6 really tough days.  My Companion is a Brazilian, Elder Muniz.  He doesn´t speak much English and is from Rio Janerio. The people speak really fast and it is really hard to understand them and respond and for them to understand me. It gives me a headache.  A lot of them say he is an american and I don´t understand when he speaks but I try to teach the gospel and bear my testimony. Somedays I want to cry, lol but I'm fine, it is just hard not being able to talk to others. Two other missionaries live in our apt, which is a little different than home. One of the showers does not have a shower head and there are plenty of bugs to go around, they are both American and speak english but they try to use the language as much as they can.  But I love being in Brazil, I do miss home a little bit but only when I´m not teaching or understanding. I pray a lot and ask to be comforted, which I am. The Spirit is very nice feeling when times are rough.  2 days ago we had Elder Bednar visit! He answered a lot of my questions and I understand what to pray for and how to be a better listener. I try to listen to every word the Brazilians speak and try to remember as much as I can. I try to say the words correctly so the investigators will understand, and I try to let the Spirit do its job and testify to the people.  He really helped me remember that the mission should be overwhelming the entire time and even though my understanding grows the work never stops. So basically I´m great when we are teaching others and it sucks when they talk about stuff I haven´t learned yet.  O by the way apparantly I have the gift of tongues just the wrong language.  My companion said I have been speaking spanish in the lessons lol. So I guess the Spirit is using what I know to help the people understand me. Things will get better.

The area is defintitly different than the US.  There is a pretty fine line between poor and doing ok to pretty well of. It looks like a lot of the people make/improve their own houses.  Every lunch and dinner is rice and beans with some type of meat and either guarana or orange fanta.  Sometimes the have fruit too which is basically a treat in my opinion.  Sometimes the have spagattie or it looks like spagattie. And sometimes they have salad.  It also looks like the people spend more of their money on clothes and materials rather than their homes. And some of the clothes the girls wear are pretty much, too much.  I also in the hottest city (so I have heard) in the mission so it is just like home but sticky. Its actually not that bad all the time like people make it out to be but it is not quite summer yet so it could get hotter.

The charger for the MP3, don´t worry about it. The presdent has asked to try to keep study time silient. plus dads right I will propbably find a cheap cord here somewhere and probably won´t find it until until the end but its no big deal.  Letters here can take 2 to 7 weeks to get here, lol so yay better start sending the them now lol jk. It is just nice being able to write to you guys. can´t wait to get your letters. The address for the mission is the same one for the packages. I don´t have the address with me but it should be in the email we got before my mission when we lost the booklet.

Dad may like this, so lately when I speak I kinda sound like Dad and I go wow where is he. Then realize that voice is mine. I also learned where dad became a good listener, on the mission field. Elder Bednar said the best person to listen and disern is the one not talking.  He said that when your companion is speaking don´t go anywhere, stay there!  I try to stay there but I feel like I am still trying to figure out what the begining of the sentence said lol. But I would like to become a great listener and ask great inspiried questions. My English is getting really bad, I think and my Protegues is not getting any better yet, but it will and Hopefully things will be better next week.

I suggest to try to do as much as the paper work as you can do for the mission as soon as possible and I know you guys will. I got the letter from Grandma´s sister. I am eating plenty of food, at least during lunch ( trust my they feed me plenty). I just feel tired and worn out but like Elder Bednar said that feeling should never go away.

Love you all, Happy Thanksgiving
Elder Richard Scott Searle

Saturday, November 12, 2011

CTM do Brasil FOTO

Mailing Instructions

Letter Mailing Instructions:
Tell your family and friends to send letters to the mission office until you can notify them of the address of your first assignment in the mission field:

Elder Richard Scott Searle
Brazil Cuiabá Mission
Av. Hist. Rubens de Mendonça, 1731
Sala 10, Bairro: Consil
CEP: 78050-975 Cuiabá - MT
Package Mailing Instructions: (This address may or may not be the same as the letter mailing address.)
Elder Richard Scott Searle
Brazil Cuiabá Mission
Av. Hist. Rubens de Mendonça, 1731
Sala 10, Bairro: Consil
CEP: 78050-975 Cuiabá - MT
Phone: 55 65-3642-1138

If your family ships a package with a private courier, they will need the mission office telephone number indicated above.

Grandparents off to New York Again!

Published in the Church News 11-12-2011 (

Richard and Wynnette Searle
Richard Maurice Searle, 67, and Wynnette Lewis Searle, seven children,  called to Hill Cumorah Visitors' Center Diretor; El Segundo Ward, Inglewood California Stake. Brother Searle is a former president of the New York New York North Mission, temple sealer, regional executive secretary, stake president, counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, gospel doctrine teacher and missionary in the California Mission. Retired managing director, Citigroup. Born in Shelley, Idaho, to Earl Joseph and Emma Elaine Yancey Searle.
Sister Searle served with her husband in the New York New York North Mission and is a former temple ordinance worker, counselor in a stake Young Women presidency, ward Young Women president, music chairman, organist, choir director and Relief Society teacher. Born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Claude L. and Luella Cook Lewis.

Letter #10 - CTM do Brasil

Hi Family,

I am in the Brasil MTC or CTM and having a great time.  They told us to write a letter on the back of this as well as help provide info about the mailing services.  The also say don’t put pictures of Saint Mary or Christ on packages. LOL.  Well, so far I love the Brasil MTC.  They are really relaxed here and there is like only 270 missionaries here.  I got to go outside on p-days and also I am ‘invited’ (or ‘forced’) to go to the temple.  They say invite you but it is more like you have to do it but at the same time it doesn’t feel like that.  Sao Paulo is uhmmmm… different. There is like crowded rundown homes everywhere and it is definitely humid here.  Its not too bad though.  I took a lot of pics and ya, so far I am loving Brasil.  During the flight to Brasil I talked to a lady who doesn’t speak any English.  It was hard to understand but it was fun talking to her.  She said I will be happy in Brasil.  She also said Mormons are good working and I have a friend here.  Ha ha – so now I have 2 friends from Brasil, my teacher at the Provo MTC and a stranger.  I also talked to a lot of people about why I was going to a mission and also about the Church.  Yup, so I am doing great and hope you are all doing well.  I’ll be back before you know it.


Elder Searle

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter #9 - Finally in Sao Paulo

Hey Family!

São Paolo is huge. It is way bigger than New York and Brazilians drive crasy and super fast. There is run down buildings everywhere as well as huge building all over the places. Some neighborhoods are stacked on each other and most of the buildings have been tagged (spray painted on). I went to the temple today and it was awesome. It looks a lot bigger in the picture but its a very nice and pretty temple. The inside is quite amazing as well. Elder Boring is my companion, and well... we are getting along fine at the moment. He likes to talk a lot and feels like there isn´t time to do or say certain things in a lesson. I think he is too stuck on giving the lesson instead of getting to know the person and their needs. He does ask quetions but I think we could work on sharing the time better. He also loves talking to the Brazialins which is fine with me. It helps me learn to just talk to people. Today we get to go out and either buy or look around the neighbor hood. It doesn´t look like the safest place to live but there are a lot of other places that are way worse. Most of the people drive cars of mortocyclis and there are iron fences around every building. We here homemade fire works and other loud noises and the streets do~´t look very clean, but the people are nice and willing to talk to you. The love American culture, they even hate Justine Bieber and Rebecca Black. The MTC here is also a lot better. the food is better, the people are cooler, learning is more fun, and I get to say I lived in Brasil. I am also the District Leader which is basically just keeping tabs on people, inviting others to obey the rules, and running district meeting.Some of the Elders in class fall asleep but idk I am doing just fine staying awake. Church is also in English as well as the Temple session. Some places use English words and Portueges. Its really cool here. I am learing a lot and learing to speaker better. Letters take about a week so I would only get one letter here if you guys sent one so I mean if you guys want to send one you can. In the field it would be nice to atleast get one once a month. But you guys can decide what will be easier. I do not know how long they take to get to mty mission field. I miss you all and I am staying strong. I am doing my very best everyday and I actually feel like I am moving forward in the Language. Ficam firme!

Your son,

Elder Searle

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Provo MTC Photos

Elder Searle at the Provo Temple

Elder Searle and his companion Elder Anderson

Elder Searle and the World Map

Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter #8 - Hey!

Well all of you have heard I got my visa and will be going to Brazil tomorrow. I will be heading for the airport around 8 am and when I get there I can call you guys after i get through security and find my gate. I´m super excited and can´t wait to go. I was a little scared because I didn´t know if I was going to be able to talk to people. But last night the speaker talked about going without fear because the Lord is with me. So know I am ready to move forward and at least try failing and if I am able to communicate then that will be a greater blessing. So ya I'm doing good.
I'm already packed up and my bags weigh less than coming here. I think the weight measure thingy is off but I am defenitly under 50 lbs. Maybe I just really good at packing, who knows. So ya I am my own flight leader and the only one in my group flying to Brasil on that flight so it is going to be interesting flying without a companion.
Elder Anderson is doing much better and his heart condition is genetic but will go away in the next couple of days. It also looks like he will still be able to sereve a mission.
Ya so I guess I will be getting a lot less mail and more emails after today. ya... I am running out of things to say. Everything here is the same I learn more of the language, then teach, and then plan out a new lesson and try to understand the investigators needs. That has been one of the hardest things to do. Try to understand which doctrine the investigator needs and how it will help them progress toward baptism and staying active.
Nuno one of our investigators has agreed to baptism and hopefully Elder Anderson will be able to fit in the last two lesson in. I know he will be able to teach them, but i hope he doesn't have to go to the doctors for another set of tests. in the next day or two he will find out the official results. If you guys could pray for him that would be great.
Well I miss you all and hope you are all doing well and having fun. There is a laundry bag here at the MTC that has two seperate pockets to seperate whites and colors. As well as tons of other things, so ya I hope that helps decide what Spencer needs before he gets here at the MTC. Hopefully Spencer is studying PMG everynight as well as knows the purpose, 1st vison and all the scripture masteries. Trust me you want to know at least the 1st vision and the purpose, both are in PMG. Love you all.

Elder Searle

Sunday, October 23, 2011


GOOD NEWS - since the letter Elder Searle called his mother and notified us that he will be leaving for Brasil on Tuesday, October 25.

We are thinking that the quickest way to send him your thoughts is through email.  Here is his email:

If communication occurs differently we will post it here.

Letter #7 - Companion's Health and Am I ever going to go the Brazil?

Dear family,
so I don't know if you got my letter about my companion being in the hospital but for the past week he has been in and out getting test about his heart. He has been having heart problems about a week ago and has been through a lot.....My companion, Elder Anderson has a heart conditon that is genetic. Elder Anderson will be able to serve in Brazil and he will be okay as long as he doesn't push himself for the next week and takes lots of meds. Basically his heart's sac, the sac that surronds his heart, is inflamed and swollen making the heart work harder. He will only have one more imflamtion in his life and the specialist predicted sometime next year.

Glad the Trek was a succes and all of you made it home safely. I hope Treyson learned a lot and hope the blessings you all recieved on the Trek will help strenghthen your testimonies. I hope Hannah had fun in Thatcher and finalmente Spencer recieved a job. LOL just kidding spencer. I love you all and glad to hear you are all doing so well.

The language is going alright. I am having a hard time saying the words correctly but I know alot and I learned the blessing of being tired. So when you are awake you rely on the active part of your brain rather than the sub concesences. Well when you rely on the other you are able to use more words and plus you are so tired you don't care how the sentence is sturctured you just say it. It's kinda cool because you need the Spirit to help you use that side off the brain too or else it is all jumbled words.

Happy news is two more Elders are leaving for Brazil, Elder Anderson heard from his Family that his visa is on the way so sometime this week will get it. I guessed they checked the status of his visa. I do not know how. I love my teachers and are very helpful as well as most of the district, basically everyone. I have seen lots of new missionaries come and go, triste and I really want to be in Brasil. I am slowly learning to accept that I may be sent somewhere until I do get it but I can say that basically I served two different missions. Yup that is a short summary of what has happened here. If you want me to explain anything just ask, oh and I am doing something cool in my opinion and I want you guys to be involeved.

Ok so I have a list of stuff to do/watch when I get back so that way its on paper and I don't have to think about it so I want all you guys to decide on one thing I should do/watch that you think I haven't already written down that would be awesome. It would be like a game across the would. :D Love you all and only 23 months left lol I just realized I have already been here for 5 weeks wow. Tchau! amo se.

Elder Searle

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letter #6 - Family Fun

Mom- Thank you for the B-day card. It was nice. Also thank you for the package and sweats. It is starting to get cold here. I bought socks at the MTC store so don't worry about the white socks.  I got it on my birthday so ya.. I got to open something on my B-day :). Love you Mom sorry I couldn't write more running out of time. I will probably write a letter.
Dad-  Thank you dad for the letter.  They don't really have SYL and at the same time they do.  Its more like as you progress the more you use it outside of class.  Most of the time in class you have to use your language. I do try to use as much of the language through out the day. Maybe you should do the same :p. lol anyways understanding is my issue. I can speak and memerize a lot of words and phrases but have a had time understanding what words are what.  I getting better but right now all I know is the basic idea of the conversations not the actual conversation.  I can understand my district because they use limited words and they are basically in the same area of speaking as I am.  They have a program called TALL, which basically helps you learn words, phrases, and grammer. there are a few listening parts too. Te amo e tem muito bom dia.
Spencer-  Thanks for the 4 sentences they really help lol. Yup knee is getting better, language is kinda getting better, and my understanding is getting a lot better.  The MTC has its good moments like temple walks, going to the temple, playing soccer, actually every good moment is away from the MTC except teaching.  When I teach I feel uplifted and full of energy.  It doesn't make any sense because I am so tired.  Keep being 20% cooler.
Treyson- Thanks for the letter trey, and the 2 sentences lol.  You basically two uped spencer.  anyways, what I have learned is that what you think isn't interesting is quiet interesting, for example every week we have a fireside and a devo.  We get to sit in really uncomfortable chairs and listen to invited speakers.  The only reason we go is 1) we have to 2) to gain insights 3) one of the 12 or the 1st presedency could be speaking :o.  And you can't misss your chance seeing a prophet of God in person, right? Plus its just nice to here whatever you guys are doing, even if it is the samething everyday. It puts a smile on my face.  Keep being 40% cooler ( cause you 2 uped spencer)
Hannah- Thank for the letter hannah. It was sweet plus next to mom and dad you had the longest letter :).  I love my teachers they are a really big help. Yesterday one of them helped me say words correctly because I already slur my words together.  I going have to work harder to make myself understood. I hoped you had a wonderful B-day and got everything you wanted, if you didn't you can give dad a kick in the pants for me ;).  I'm glad you love your teachers, don't grow up too fast. Enjoy Jr. high, it is meant to be fun.  I miss you and hope you are doing your very best to help Mom.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Letter #5 - Update

Mom-  My knee is doing really well.  The doctor gave me a brace and told me home therapy should be ok.  i also learned that my knees are funky and the groove which my knee sits in is shallow.  Meaning that it is very easy for my knee to dislocate and move around.  The brace they gave me is supposed to stop that and its the best brace I have had yet, kind of wished i had it in high school. The MTC store basically has everything, from shirts, jackets, bags, soap, deodorant, razors, alarm clocks, pens, paper, print pics, hymn books, candy, journals, envelopes, stamps, etc.  All of that you get 40% off and then the free stuff is Peach My Gospel ( 2 if you are speaking a language), BOM in your language (unless you speak English), the little pamphlets that Dad bought in Portuguese except they are in English, umm I got a water bottle with a filter and then language books to help you learn the language.  I would just buy the pens and notebooks and stuff you can get really cheap (like at the dollar store and just get it there) anything you get at the Desert Book store you can basically get at the MTC store and get it for cheaper.  If there is anything you want to know just ask.  thank you for the letters and I like both however when I get in Brazil, emails will be faster than letters.  I love the support and love.  I miss you all.  Thank Grandma and Grandpa Mangum for their letters and insights too. As well as anyone else who has sent me letters.  Goodies are always welcomed and I just want the bottom sweats.  It looks like I may be here through November, hopefully I don't get reassigned somewhere cold either. Love you Mom!
Dad- Thanks for the support and insights Eu vou estar firme e te amo. Eu sei que Eu sou bendito e sento suas amor. Obrigado!
Spencer- Waz up! Need another to say more :p Thanks for picking up Tony and being his friend and thanks for the support and love from the last letter lol.
Trey-Thank you for the Letter Trey. It was great to hear about you and how well you are playing.  I'm sure it will still be rough and there will be lots of ups and downs.  Here is some advice, pray before a game and after a game. pray in your heart and thank God for all that he has given you and the opportunity to play volleyball. It is a blessing to be on a team filled with good guys.  Volley =ball was the best sport to play on because everyone wants everyone to do well.  And if you desire to do well I'm sure if you thank him he will help you grow.  I love you too and don't grow too tall.
Hannah- I sent you a B-day card so hopefully you got it and hopefully you don't open it until your B-day. However if you did then I love you and hope you will have a wonderful B-day.  I also heard you did very well in the orchestra concert, Congrates!  The MTC is good and the language is having its ups and downs.  I'm almost at the point that I can spell words out based on how it sounds (only a few words here and there).  I'm also blessed to have a teacher that grew up in Brazil and knows the culture and how to say Brazil Portuguese.  My knee is doing great and I'm getting better. Thank you for asking. Love you.
Love everyone of you,
Elder Searle

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Letter #4 - Dear Mom & Dad 9/21/2011

Thank you for the letters and Uncle Shawn and his family (they sent me a package of yummies).  The MTC is great and Elder Anderson is the perfect companion.  If I may ask can I have my sweats w/the Jaguar name on it from basketball?  I want them for when it gets cold here in Provo.  I'll probably stay here until November.  By the way, stuff there is stuff Spencer does not have to buy because it is sold at the MTC - journal, hymn book, scriptures in another language, notebooks, pen, stamps, envelopes, laundry detergent and other things like candy, snacks, drinks, dry cleaning, etc.  Some of the stuff I got for free.  On Tuesday, Elder Nelson talked to us about the Book of Mormon and asked 4 missionaries to come and role play w/him.  One of them was his granddaughter.  It was fun to listen to an apostle talk more open and direct.  I felt as if he was talking straight to me.  The Spirit is strong here and I'm enjoying learning more each day.

Love your son

Elder Searle

PS With the sweats can I get a couple of socks - during laundry some disappeared.  I only need white socks.  Thank you :)

Obedience brings blessings - Exact obedience brings miracles.

I just got the letter on Wednesday and I'm sorry Spencer's arm is swollen.  Hopefully he gets better.  Can't wait to hear about Trey's tournament.  How's Hannah and on P-day we do laundry around 6:30 and emails around 7-7:30am.  That's cool to hear about the Trek and Dad wants to up the training????  I don't believe it - Just kidding.  The stuff Spencer doesn't have to buy is cheaper here because he is a missionary.  I got a backpack for $18.  The language is getting easier each day, but I know I will be like "O Que?" when I get to the field.  Thank for all the support and love.  I miss you all (voces) and happy to serve the Lord.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letter #3 - Oi

Hey family and friends,
I have almost been here for a two full weeks! I'm learning a lot and I know can carry a basic conversation with some of the Elders in class.  Today I woked at 5 am just so I could laundry and relax the rest of my P-day.  I'm exahusted but all is well and I wished I was in Brazil right know.  Well so far I have heard from Mom, Dad, and Spencer. LOL thanks Spencer for the beautiful letter.  And I didn't hurt myself the first day it was the second, first day of gym.  So how have you guys been? whats new? Is Spencer still fixed to that computer, just teasing.  How did Treyson do on Saturday.  Where are me goodies ;p again just teasing.  If you can't tell from this letter I'm doing really good.  I have  been to a lot a devo's and firesides in the last week.  They can be draining because we already sit all day in those sessions you get to sit more, in your suit, in a room filled with people.  The Spirit is strong but so is the body heat.  Utah isn't getting cold quite yet and thats good, I'm enjoying the weather and the perfect temp.  My last investagator was Valdimer, I was "transfred" and now have two new investagtors that I have yet to meet. Hopefully on wensday. Its hard to stay up and write this letter lol. So ya thats the bases of whats happened, my companion and I still get along well and we both like teaching, he doesn't like teaching in the language as much as English, but we both still like to teach.  Hows Max? :D I miss him and ya... well ummm O I got emails from my mission but I can't understand most of them because it is in Portuguese.  I tried reading them but it was really hard too.  One of these letters I'll start writing in Portugues and Dad will have to translate it  of Google Translate. I have 10 min left and write just writhing to use the time. We only get 30 min to write emails and only on P-day, so ofcourse I would write you every week Mom :). Good luck with everything and I miss all you guys and love you very much, can't wait to see you guys in two years (3 for Spencer) and I wish you all the best.
Elder Richard Scott Searle

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update on Elder Searle's Knee

Just to let everyone know - we received a phone call from the MTC and they have requested him to see an orthopedic doctor.  They didn't see any tears but did see floating cartilage.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Letter #2 From Elder Searle

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well and everything is going great.  I have learned that my pday is on Tuesday here at the MTC and will be for the next nine weeks unless I get my visa early.  The estimated date to go to Brazil is Nov. 14th but I could always go earlier.  The second day at the MTC was intense. My companion Elder Anderson and I had to go and teach an investigator in Portuguese and get to know him.  we found that Valdimer is Married and loves his family.  He is also an Evangelist and Believes in God and knows He loves him and his family.  We then gave him a BOM and left with a pray.  We also shared our testimonies in Portuguese as well as the pray.  It was hard but yesterday Felt like a dream.  We understood Valdimer better than we ever have and asked him if he would be baptized. He agreed and even would try to read as much of the BOM before he got baptized/ HE also went to church the first time and said he had a good feeling. The last few days feel like I just got here at the same time I have been here forever. The food is pretty decent and I'm warm at night, that part was for mom.  My knee is getting a lot better but I'm still waiting on the MRI results. I talked to the trainer and he said it might just be a strain, which I am hoping for and I asked my companion to give me a blessing. It was his first blessing too. He did a good job and he continues to do an excellent job. I feel the spirit very strongly here and the overwhelming feel has passed but the Spirit stays strong. Sometimes I feel it rush through my body with excite meant or its a reminder why I am her like Valdimer Saying he will be baptized.  Sunday was pretty cool because it actually felt like a break from all the chaos from the other days.  Elder Anderson also grew the most with the language and I think he is starting to enjoy it more.  Elder Anderson is from Washington, and loves extreme sports.  He is planning on going to BYU-I and kinda has a girl waiting for him.  The rules here are pretty strict however I was already committed, mind set, to them before I got here.  We have learned a lot about how to teach people and how to use the spirit in everyday tasks, especially using the language.  I only get 30 minutes to write emails so they maybe short and not very detailed in some areas. If  he want to know more you can email or write letters and I'll be gladly to add more.  I love you guys and miss you all.  I hope you are all having fun and everyone is helping mom.  I hope Spencer is being awesome in YSA and mission prep and Trey keep killing those vballs. Hannah I tell everyone that I'm exactly eight years younger and It was awesome having the same birthday. I also tell them I baptized you and it was an amazing feeling.  Mom I'm all good don't worry about me and my knee, it was a fluke in gym.  We accidentally fell on top of each other and the ball hadn't been played yet. I just fell wrong but I'll be okay.  Dad you should test how good my Portuguese is.  Amor voces!
Love from your son, brother, friend, and
Elder Searle

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st Letter from Elder Searle

Sept. 15, 2011

Dear Family,

The MTC has been a lot of fun at the same time very overwhelming.  I met my companion and his name is Elder Anderson.  He is pretty cool; he loves extreme sports and turned 19 a month ago.  I’ve met a lot of missionaries going to Cuiaba; 7 to be exact.  However, only 2 of us have done the online visa application.  They estimate that we will be in Brazil in November.  On the first day we taught an investigator and also learned a few phrases in Portuguese (I spelled that wrong but I have to write this letter quick).

The MTC has shown me what my weaknesses are and what I have to improve on.  When I have more time, probably when I email, I’ll send pictures or describe more of what’s happening.   I miss you all and love you very much.

From your loving son, brother,  friend, and Elder

So this is the 2nd portion of the letter, they gave us time to write today.  I have already hurt myself by getting my knee dislocated and now I will be getting a MRI.  It doesn’t  feel too bad but it is still lose and catching.  They don’t think it is an ACL but they want to check.

It’s only the 2nd day and the language teacher hardly speaks English.  Some of the elders are getting it fast.  I understand stuff when he writes on the board but when he speaks it is hard to keep up.  Elder Anderson and I are clicking well and we are feeding off each other through the gospel.

I’m well and I’m sure I’ll be fine with my knee and all.  I hope all is going well and no harm has come to you.  I pray for you all and love you guys.  Can’t wait to hear from you all.

From you loving son, brother, friend, and

Elder  Searle


Today, the Arizona Searles are setting up this blog to make it easier for all to follow the missionary experiences of the family.  As many of you know, our son Richard has been called to serve in the Brazil Cuiaba Mission and another son that will be called next year.  So, in order to publish updates one time we have set up this blog. Primarily this blog will contain letters and hopefully photos of the missionaries that are currently serving our Lord and Savior.  Some posts will also include additional missionary experiences from the family in Arizona as well as other family members abroad (Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, etc.).  I hope all may enjoy the stories and experiences that will be posted here.
Scott & Chyleen Searle