Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #33


Dear Family,

So we got one more baptism and it was an 8 year old girl how wanted to be baptized very badly. Her brother was baptized but stop going to church and the mom is going to be dificult cause she lives alone and works on the weekends. But it was nice to end Elder Farley´s misson on a bang. I got to baptise the little girl so that was cool.

My new companion will be ... an american also lol. And he too will be dying. His name is ELder Wilson and I kinda know him. I know he is super trunky so it maybe harder to get him to work but you never know. I will be the only one staying in the house. I was living with 3 other missionaries. Elder oliveria got his call to São Paulo, he was doing a little traing thing here in Pedra 90. Elder lira, his companion, will be following him back home to rondonoplis. So ya I will probably have to show we everything is, yay... Anyways I am doing well, I was super sick but doing a lot better. Sad to see elder Farely leave. HE was the best companion I ever had andI learned tons from him. HE also helped me get a ton of very most likely baptism nthis week too, as well as , Elder LIra and Oliveira.

Hope you all are doing well. Should get my package today if it came and I am super excited for it. Oh ELder Anderson and I will be living in the same house, he was my 1st companion in the MTC. So that is awesome. He too will be killing someone. So ya I stil have the most kills like HAlo. lol THat last part was for Spencer And Treyson. Let me know when Spencer willl be going to the MTC so I can send him some letters and pics.

Love you all.

Elder Searle.

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