Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter #43


Dear Family,
Happy late birhtday Trey, hopefully it was awesome. I really miss Bispo Wold and a few other members in the ward they really made a difference in my life. Well things are going well with Carlaile, and not so well with Elder Anderson. In fact we got into a fight and he did a weird poke thingy with his hand into my stomach and I hit him in the shoulder afterwards. He has been really negative this entire transfer and I think I finally got fed up with it. I am now only speaking portugues with everyone and I guess it is helping. I am in alma 48. So I am getting closer to being done with the BOM. Carlaile and De Freittas have really helped me say words correctly.

We had to cut a lot of people this week and thus we didn´t get a baptism but we are going to try and mark dates with the new people we have found. Hopefully they fulfill their comitments and they well be ready to be baptized for sure. The hardest part is allowing people to make these comittments on their own. Sometimes I want to do it for them but in order for them to recieve an answer they have to do it and I can only show and teach it is important. It is their choice to plant that seed ;).

I haven´t meet my president but we will have a conference with him next week so I will defenitly meet him. Well it still hasn´t gotten cold here and I and dying of the heat. It is suppose to get colder but that doesn´t look like it will happen. I am glad spencer is excited and is look spiffy lol. I kinda would like a suit but is is way to hot for one. I would also love a car and Dr. Pepper too but they don´t have that either. lol. I miss a lot of food from america but it is all good I will be back someday, maybe... lol. I am so happy to be able to work and not think about home. The more time I try to do stuff the less time I have to think about home. 

Thank you for the update. The m oney didn´t come in becasue of the whole new Prez and stuff, but I will not use my account. I need to be a little bit better on how I save my money from now on. I will do my best claro and I love you all.

Pai muito obrigado por sua ajuda. Eu estou bem e estou trablhando muito com meu companheiro Elder Carlaile. Ele é legal, mas ele também é de boa. Mas com ele Eu estou feliz é super animado para trabalhar. eu te amo e tenho saudade da família. Eu oro por vocês cada dia. Fique firme, feliz, e melhor.
Se amo
Elder Searle 

Letter #42


Dear Family,
Thanks mom nd dad for your guy´s letter. They really do help lift me up for another week. We got another baptism this week, so that is awesome. I am working hard with Carlaile and he really helps me understand what I can do better everyday. I am tired everyday ( feels good unlike with the dead) and I am excited to finish this tranfere strong. Elder Anderson has grown a lot, I think thebrasilians understand I like a clean house. ( how can someone be 22 and not clean up after himself ). I am in Alma 40, almost done and catching up. The girls in the ward are snakes but I do keep my distance, I don´t have anymore strikes to give and I rather not try and push the line. However the members blamed the past missionaries that the young women that were baptized, didn´t stay firm becasue of the missionaries. And we basically got chewed out for what they did. So that is more of my problem with the members. They point the finger and not even at the right people. ( And they didn´t call the PRez because they like the missionaries so... I just don´tknow what to do but just ignore it and work). So that what I have been doing working and walking a lot and it is nice to sleep really hard.

Ya Hannah can keep the bed board thingy. And I am glad to hear about Max. I miss him. lol Glad to hear everyone is busy and going smoothly, Trey stop teasing Hannah, and Spencer you are o cara (the face, really it means the man in this context but normally face).  I played basketball and volleyball today and bought a few futebol shirts. So I had a good P-day. There is a new sister here and she has been having a rough start but is pulling through it. We all have learned to just try to make it until tomorrow and when you finally start understanding, and talking, enjoy working with the people you forget how much time you have like me I forget I have 9 months lol. Spencer just keep doing oyur best and the Lord will bless you more than you know.

Love you all
se amo
Elder Searle (Your son)

Letter #41


Hey Family,
So 1st thing is the address to my mission has changed to Av. Hist. Ruben De Mendonça 1731, Bairro Consil, sala 10, Cuiaba - MT Brasil 78050-975. The other adress was to a postal box and they will don´t be using it becasue it costs money and it is slower. So yup I also got another baptism this Sunday and reach alma chapter 24 in Portuguese. I am really workin hard to sound more Brasilian and not be like Elder Wilson who had a super American accent. Our goal is to baptise a man this week but I don´t know how thta is going to work out. it seems loike all the men we meet can´t quite drinking our can´t get married legally. So We got some work on our hands. Elder Caraile has taught me a lot and is really fun. However Elder de freittas doens´t like the fact that me and Anderson speak English in the house because he doesn´t understand and Elder Caraile and understand a little bit. To most brasilians it is like a sin or something to speak even a little english. I don´t know, but it is funny/annoying how they kinda freak out about it.  The ward is seems to be more against us than I thought. They want us to baptize but they want us to tell them and lead them to the people we are baptizing before the baptism so they can tell them the ``real deal`` about being a member. And so far we have lost baptism becasue of it. So... I think I will follow Preach My Gospel on this one and hand them over aftert the baptism so they can teach lesson 5, like it should be. I am all for working with members but there are some here who feel like how the missionaires teach is wrong and they have to fix everything and they are the only ones trying to get a chapel and all we do is flirt with the girls oin the ward. Well, only the girls in the ward help us and give us names and want us to actually meet their friends and baptize them. I understand we as missionaries should  keep our distance but for me it really pisses me off when the members just sit on their buts and eternal investigators are a whole lot cooler to work with and talk to than them. And so Pedra 90 will probablly be closed and have to travel to another wrd to meet. I believe almost none of the mwill do that.
But we are trying and trying to reactivate at the same time but without the members doing the work themselves it will never work.
Anyways, cool to hear everyone is having fun and have lots planned. The mission is starting feel like it is moving, finally! I am super excited for this week to baptize a lot of people. A lot of firm people too. I also like the fact I feel super tired by the end of the day like I worked out for an entire day. It is also nice to find that we basically teach more than 10 lessons a week. Oh my goodness, when you teach the day just flies by, especially when you understand too. Spencer I promise you if you read the book of mormon, in Japanse you will be the man in oyu mission. Also memorize as much as you in the MTC, like the 1st vision, the purpose and a few key scriptures (ex D&C 4, James 1:5, ect.). They will really help. And here is a tip, when you start a lesson tell people you are a missionary and your purpose is tp help people follow Christ through baptism and then invite the to be baptized if they feel it is true. You will shock your companions and teacher in the MTC, but it is how you invite people. Introduce, purpose, invite. If they say no, understand why not, then do suppose this problem was sovled then would you be baptized, if yes BAM you got it , if no cut. (this info helps treyson too.) lol so ya I am doing great, hope you dont get sick anymore mom, plus the cold phase here is pretty much gone. It is basically still super hot.  Anderson is doing better, really has grown up a lot, he says I am a lot like Dad. I have also learned why dad is the way he is. Brasilians... they really help you learn to listen, be patient, loving (all the time), and even more patient lol. Love you guys, Fique firme, sempre cresça.
se amo,
Elder Searle

Letter #40


Dear Family,

That is really cool that you guys got to go to LA and have lots of fun.  Thank you for keeping me updated and it has been a rough time for Anderson, because he really wants to be senior. THe problem is that the prez trusts brasilians more than americans sometimes even if the brasialin is not obeying the rules. I know no one is perfect but the prez also forgets a lot of missionaries. I know Grandpa tried everyday to learn everyone´s names and even Anderson´s prez in Salt Lake knew him and he was there only for 2 weeks. The Prez forgot me one time and told it to my face and I was in the office and saw him everyday. I don´t know I think he is ``dying`` and this whole dying thingreally pisses me off sometimes. We teach to continue until the end but even as missionaries for two years we can not do this. That is what I call wrong and the PRez hasn´t been a very good example.

So that is me complaning for the day. We got to watch the Manaso Temple get dedicated and it was really cool. Elder Uthdorf dedicated the temple. And we almost had a baptism but it fell through but we have a few oportunites next week so I am still working :). Carlaile is really cool he has a year and is kinda like Elder MUniz and Farely put together but at the sametime his own person. I think the blessins are finally coming and Carlaile and I will baptize a ton of people here.The other Elder, de freitas, is 22 years old same time as us and doesn´t know how to take care of himself. It makes me face palm sometimes. Last night we stayed somewhere else because for P-day we hiked a montain and then came home to a destroyed house. They are no where to be found, probably at the center or office exploring. THey also used a lot of our food and now we are short on food and I have been using my card becasue of this. But money will come in a couple of days so I should hold out. I finally feel exhauseted not just tired and it´s good. I sleep hard at night. Most of my dreams now are only about Brasil and not home so I guess thats good.

That would be intresting to work with spencer because tons of people from japan live here and I actually thought about it a little bit when he recieved his call. Well at least I could go on a trip to Japan and he can translate. lol. this week got ba little cold but is is hot again just like AZ. So ya not missing too much. Love you all, enjoy the summer.

se amo
Elder Searle.

Letter #39


Dear Family,
I am doing great, have a new companion, a brasilian, Elder Caralie ( I think), who only has a year so at least I won´t be killing him. I hear he is kinda de boa, meaning really relaxed and somewhat lazy. So I guess I just need to take over and get these baptisms myself. So We have a few possiblities next week but really depends on the investigators fulfilling their commitments.But I may baptize 3 men this transfer, which is huge. Anderson is not happy becasue he isn´t senior and he is companions with a brasilain who has the same time as us. He really hates the Prez. At least I got him to stay and not leave the mission. but I don´t know how this transfer will go. I explianed that this mission is the weakest in brasil and it will probably have to be our group to change that. HE said he was just one person, but I said fine but I am going to do it with you or without, but it will be a lot easier with you. He still not happy but staying until the new prez. I just got to the part were Almuque smashed on everybady and zeerom. ( don´t know how to spell their names in English) but it was pretty good. Too many people here in Brasil want to agrue and I realised I have to be firm and 100% certain I am doing the right thing, not being in the right, but doing it.

that is so cool you talk to Sister Gittings, and it would be awesome to know and maybe visit her if she come. Also to have the missionaries visit her brother. And if she would bring me stuff she would be an angel and a great blessing. Sometimes the members here in pedra 90 are to selfish and don´t even open their doors to use. I mean their hearts really but ya even to other members. THere is a lot of finger pointing and not enough people helping. So Anderson and I are going to try abd change it. I don´t know how but lately, evn going outside and walking, we find people, so hopefully it will be kinda like that. I think Anderson´s real problem is it is not like salt lake were they baptize a ton and work super hard and here not even the leaders are worthy. Its sad but they need a kid like him who knows how the system should be.

Anyways, excited to work again. The lady didn´t go to church but wilson never wanted to visit her again and I was with Anderson trying to get a roll going for this wek so ya. I will let you know when she gets in the water. ;). love you guys, keep working hard, Spencer, você é o cara ( you are the man). Treyson don´t get lazy, and Hannah keep being pretty but keep the boys away, they are evil. Tell Sister Gittings, her story was amazing and a true testimony of the power of God. Tell Everyone in the ward I miss them, wish them the best, and I love them.

se Amo
Elder Searle (son)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #38


Dear Family,
Well 1st off happy belated birthday and Happy Memorial weekend to all of you guys too. Let Grandma and Grandpa Mangum I got their letter and I really enjoyed it. Glad to have your guys support too, it has been a hard transfer but only one more week and I have made it through. So glad to hear everyone will basically be busy during the Summer, espescially Spencer lol. And dad keep practicing the Portugues you will remember it all again. Actually this kid that is sitting next to me stareted speaking to me and I understood it and spoke back and he didn´t laugh at mine and he understood mine too. So it was really weird but yet so natural. English still has its bumps and Anderson keeps that in mind lol. Anyways he is doing better, had a rough time with Melo but I think we all learned to love him in some way. We also made gaggys like ever week ,so i AM OUT OF PEANUT BUTTER BUT IT WAS WOrth it just to get through the transfer. Anderson is having a lot of 1st on the mission, 1st break up, 1st dying and really fubecka missionary, and he is still here. He wants to go home but at the same time he doesn´t. I am at the point where I don´t think I am ever going home so just accept the fact I could be killing missionaries for my entire mission. Get ready for some fun Spencer lol, but always remember you can pray and read the scriptures, they help pass the time and reall strengthen you.

So Elder Wilson and I have an investigator who has already recieved an answer, a dream even, and still doesn´t feel ready to be baptized. We don´t know how to help understand that she needs to be because she wants to just wants to wait. And we explained to her already the importance of baptism, she has friends in the church, and even church talked about doing things based off the spirit now not later. So... I guess this week is to really push a date and hopefully this satureday and be confirmed sunday. So ya wish me luck and lots of prayes too.

I am really grateful for your guys emails and letters. They are very important too me and love it when you guys put humor and stories and it really brightens my week. Thank you dad for the little updates on sports, gives me a smile, and Mom your stories of the family are the best. I am currently in Alma chapter 9 and should be and chapter 11 or 12 tonight. I am a little behind becasue I had the cold or flu or something, but I am gettting better I don´t know why I keep getting sick. I try to drink lots of water and those vitamin pills and more fruits and vegitables but ya... maybe teaching me humlity and ask more blessing in my life and rely on others. I don´t do tha a lot. I really try to only rely on myself but Anderson has really taught me to rely on my leaders whenever possible because if I don´t want to keep killing missionaries they will help me ´´move up´´ in the mission. So hopefully I will be doing something else than killing on the mission.

Oh so I bought a coupe of nice futebol shirst and a hammock. So I am finally starting on my collection of stuff lol. So ya I guess I need a bigger suit case I won´t be able to bring 3 pillows whereever I go. You have to sacrifice so much on the mission like a pillow or two just to have some really cool stuff lol. Well I will let you guys know next week where I will be and who will be my new companion. Almost 9 months ( Elder Anderson does a good job counting lol he is kinda trunky cause of all the dying missionaries in the zone 7 or 8 missionaries will be dying... it is so exciting.)

Se amo

Elder Searle

Letter #37


Dear Family,
So I am doing great amd I will be working a lot more with Elder Anderson. Basically Elder Wilson has thrown in the towel and doesn´t want to work anymore because we got one baptism. So ya Elder Anderson and I will be getting a few more before the transfer ends.

I will try to download a ton of pictures too in the next couple weeks but the internet here is too slow ( won´t even allow me to see picture that I have already downloaded). So maybe if I go to central or somewhere else with better internet.

Ya dengue can be pretty serious. basically if you get it once the chance of you getting it again is higher and you could get the more serious one too. Even some American mission presidents send you home if you get it twice. And I try to use insect repelent before I sleep and duringthe harder days but is is really hard to avoid being bitten when you use to live next to a tire shop and the just let the old tires stack up next to our stair way. But I am trying to be better. Fans really help too.

Awesome that school is almost done and you guys are ready to sleep in lol. I can´t wait in a year and 4 months lol.

I really love that you have a testimony of prayer, in fact it is becasue of pray I have had very special experinces in my life before the mission as well as during. I really wish I have these experinces after the mission too. And Dad thank you about D&C 84. It basically explains why there are missionaries, members, leaders and the need of only one trye church. Funny thing is I taught a class on the people of the convant of the Lord. ( not sure if I translated it correctly but it is basically about the new and everlasting covenant.) It was really hard to teach cause I am not very fulent in the language yet and scared to death too, but many members helo the lesson go pretty smoothly. I explained that we needed these convenants in oder to continue in this life and return to HIm in the next. And with the priesthood we could make these covenants with the Lord in order to be saved and recieve help and guidance. It was really cool to teach (vey hard) but rewarding at the same time.

The reason I gave Spencer that comitment is becasue a profeta of the Lord has given that promise to everyone and I believe and know that if we follow the counsel of the profeta we can recieve those promissed blessings. Sometimes we sit back and want to see what happens to others but we usually end up thinking ``oh that was nice`` instead of really understanding the power of following the profeta. I know a lot of times I think oh that would be cool or awesome but I don´t do anything about it until it is almost too late and then I am trying to catch up rather than move forward and even lead. Too many of us like to sit back and watch and then if it works out follow the group. So Spencer do it now and you will be some what ahead. I mean it is very hard to be prepared for the field but you can always have a good start and somethime that can make the biggest difference in a race. So Good luck and go strong from the begging.

I love you all. Hope finals go well, hope everyone is getting along. Hope you guys don´t sleep in too much. Treyson hope camps go well, don´t get lazy lol. Hannah miss ya. Love you MOM and DAD.

Se amo

Elder Searle