Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #27


Dear Family,
Well it looks like I will be staying in the office for another 5 weeks...ya. My companion, Elder Britto... well lets just say in some ways he is better than Elder Lima was and some ways he is worst and a lot of ways they are the same. I actually really not happy about being with him because, well he is really lazy and he is the senior and yet wants to be babied and at the same time feel higher I guess I don´t know how to explain it but basically he sends me on a lot of splits so ya I haven´t really had a chance to get to know the area. But I guess I have to work through it. The mission itself is a lot bigger mess than I thought. Most of the Brazilians do not follow the rules at all and yet their allowed to do what they want. There are a few that do follow the rules but everyone hates them, it is very said.
Anyways besides that it is a lot of fun to be in the office when I get to work. Most of the time Elder Britto does it all so I do nothing. I do a lot of studying. I also don´t get to speak, basically any English so the language I guess will be come more natural. So that's good. That is awesome Spencer is going to Japan. I recommended to try to find a book called Japaneses for dummies. I have one for portugues and it has helped a lot just with understanding, especially the slang here. Uhmm... I can´t think of what else. Maybe anything that he can buy there he probably should by there and the garments... I really like dri lux. Suit pants are holding up ( I don´t wear them that much here). I would try buy a back pack that isn´t huge but has plenty of pockets but at the same time can be used to pack stuff in it. Also bring pictures of the family.
I really want peanut butter and starburts jelly beans (Bashas Market), Resses, Pictures, granola ( or oatmeal), I think thats it.
Hope all you are having a fun time in the states ans enjoying life.

Thank you guys for your support, love you all.
Elder Searle

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