Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #31


Dear Family,
I am doing good. Pedra 90 is rual ( there isn´t even a bank) and lots of dirt roads but is is quite and the people are nice. We baptized a 8 year old boy on wensday and was comfirmed on sunday. Normally I would be agaimst it but i think it will greatly encourge the parents to get married legally. Seen toms of crazy looking spiders and a pit bull weiner dog but that is about it. I have eaten this stuff that is basically fried flour and bananas and it is reaally good. Had chiken hearts too, they weren´t too bad. that is really about it. oh and the grass drink thingy is good too ( you drink it in a gumpa).
Gald to hear everyonme is doing well and they are having a good time. That isa really cool to hear about casey and zach. Miss those guys but glad they are all going on a mission. Hannah you keep on running and getting back up and you will run faster than everybody, that is a promise. Spencer is going to be a good companion.
ThaNK you for sending the box, I will tell you when I get it.
Elder Farely has done a good job working hard, sometimes we are a lottle lazy in the morning but we are going to change that this week. He has been teaching me a lot on how to sound more brasilian and a lot of people say I sound really good. Some people think elder farley is from são paulo.
Love you all HAppy easter
Elder Searle

PS  ya I saw holy week and it is more like during the jewish days where people try to show off more, like buy more fish or have a bigger palm leaf. I am starting to read the BOM from the start so lets see of I can catch up.

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