Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #26


Dear my family,
Well I did get transfered to the main office of the mission. . . yay. . . Well it is kinda of fun but ya I get to makes lots of phone calls, so if I haven´t been speaking enough now I am. I am still in Cuiaba and I am with Elder Britto who lived in my first area when I arrived to the field. He is a true Brasilian (likes to sleep in) but we do work. I don´t know excatly what is going on, like besides the office area i don´t know which investigators are more important or what lesson some have been taught. It looks like he has a lot of moles (softies, people who are really not going to follow their commitments) but hey at least we are teaching and I could make a difference. I do however speak a little bit more than I did in my first area, but still hard to conversate with people when the subject really my cup of tea. I try to at least follow the subject but i don´t know I was the same in america too. I just don´t talk a whole lot, probably should change that a little. I do understand basically the entire conversation and could easily add in my two cents, like I normally do anyways but ya I am doing good is basically what I am saying.

Thats cool treyson got his patriarchal blessing. He should definitely read it a lot, it will be great worth to him. I do have my blessing, even got a lamented one while at provo and it is small enough to put in my scriptures. Don´t know where the other one is at home. Spencer I am super excited for you and I can´t wait to hear the news myself. Hope all the kids do a ``sparkling`` job cleaning their rooms.

Awesome to hear someone is going back to church, sometimes it is a lot harder to do than most people think. Especially when people know you left in the first place. Speaking of packages, I really miss peanut butter but I am hoping to go to the south and buy the stuff their. candy is always accepted, I pictures of the family would be good. Everyone asks to see pictures of my family and I kinda look like a lost puppy sometimes cause I don´t have any and they go like don´t you love your family lol.

well yesterday was testimoning meeting so I guess I will share mine:
Eu sei que Deus é nosso Pai eterno e Ele nos ama. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo é salvador e morreu por nos. Essa irgreja é a Igreja de Jesus Cristo e restraurado atraves Joseph Smith, quem foi um profeta de Deus. Eu sei que Thomas S. monson é um profeta de Deus e comincar com Ele. Em o nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen

Love you guys
se amo
Elder Searle

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