Monday, February 13, 2012

Letter #22

Dear family,
Happy Valentines Day!!!
Wow thats crzy that Az is 100 years old. I´m sure when I get back I´ll want to check out a few places. I will try to print up Grandpa´s letter and read it. Thank you very much for forwarding it. Thats so awesome that Treyson made Varsity. I knew he would because he is a beast. Trey now all you have to learn is how to put a hole into the ground lolol. Spencer That is so cool that you are preparing for a mission. At first it is hard but as you work here and work hard not just go through the mission but allow the mission to go through, by meeting, talking with people, and seeing a change in their lives you don´t want to go home because you realize the church is true. It is like seeing a child grow up an you love them and want to take more care of them and see them happy. It is hard to cut people sometimes because you are like ,``they are soo close``. But the mission so far has been super  hard but super rewarding. There is no way I can be super tired and happy at the same time.  Wow thats scary and exciting to hear baout Granpa ellsworth. I hope all is well and he will recover quickly. I also hope he goes to church because it will definetly make his life only better.  Ya didn´t go to that meeting but maybe they have it set up a little differently here Idk. Ya if the parents understand the importance of the gospel they are more willing to allow them to go to church and even listen a little themselves.

I am doing very well. I have a new companion Elder Lima. He will be dying in 3 weeks (ending his mission) so I will get another companion before the week is over. But he is pretty crazy and wants to learn English and be a teacher. He loves math and physics. I also drew a picture for him and is back up plan when he gets back.Stayed in the same area which is good because we have tons of work that needs to be done here. I did sent the tie and hopefully it gets there soon. Clothes and shoes are doing great. I take good care of them. I am working super hard and enjoying it here, even though it smells pretty bad.

Elder Searle

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