Sunday, October 23, 2011

Letter #7 - Companion's Health and Am I ever going to go the Brazil?

Dear family,
so I don't know if you got my letter about my companion being in the hospital but for the past week he has been in and out getting test about his heart. He has been having heart problems about a week ago and has been through a lot.....My companion, Elder Anderson has a heart conditon that is genetic. Elder Anderson will be able to serve in Brazil and he will be okay as long as he doesn't push himself for the next week and takes lots of meds. Basically his heart's sac, the sac that surronds his heart, is inflamed and swollen making the heart work harder. He will only have one more imflamtion in his life and the specialist predicted sometime next year.

Glad the Trek was a succes and all of you made it home safely. I hope Treyson learned a lot and hope the blessings you all recieved on the Trek will help strenghthen your testimonies. I hope Hannah had fun in Thatcher and finalmente Spencer recieved a job. LOL just kidding spencer. I love you all and glad to hear you are all doing so well.

The language is going alright. I am having a hard time saying the words correctly but I know alot and I learned the blessing of being tired. So when you are awake you rely on the active part of your brain rather than the sub concesences. Well when you rely on the other you are able to use more words and plus you are so tired you don't care how the sentence is sturctured you just say it. It's kinda cool because you need the Spirit to help you use that side off the brain too or else it is all jumbled words.

Happy news is two more Elders are leaving for Brazil, Elder Anderson heard from his Family that his visa is on the way so sometime this week will get it. I guessed they checked the status of his visa. I do not know how. I love my teachers and are very helpful as well as most of the district, basically everyone. I have seen lots of new missionaries come and go, triste and I really want to be in Brasil. I am slowly learning to accept that I may be sent somewhere until I do get it but I can say that basically I served two different missions. Yup that is a short summary of what has happened here. If you want me to explain anything just ask, oh and I am doing something cool in my opinion and I want you guys to be involeved.

Ok so I have a list of stuff to do/watch when I get back so that way its on paper and I don't have to think about it so I want all you guys to decide on one thing I should do/watch that you think I haven't already written down that would be awesome. It would be like a game across the would. :D Love you all and only 23 months left lol I just realized I have already been here for 5 weeks wow. Tchau! amo se.

Elder Searle

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