Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letter #2 From Elder Searle

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well and everything is going great.  I have learned that my pday is on Tuesday here at the MTC and will be for the next nine weeks unless I get my visa early.  The estimated date to go to Brazil is Nov. 14th but I could always go earlier.  The second day at the MTC was intense. My companion Elder Anderson and I had to go and teach an investigator in Portuguese and get to know him.  we found that Valdimer is Married and loves his family.  He is also an Evangelist and Believes in God and knows He loves him and his family.  We then gave him a BOM and left with a pray.  We also shared our testimonies in Portuguese as well as the pray.  It was hard but yesterday Felt like a dream.  We understood Valdimer better than we ever have and asked him if he would be baptized. He agreed and even would try to read as much of the BOM before he got baptized/ HE also went to church the first time and said he had a good feeling. The last few days feel like I just got here at the same time I have been here forever. The food is pretty decent and I'm warm at night, that part was for mom.  My knee is getting a lot better but I'm still waiting on the MRI results. I talked to the trainer and he said it might just be a strain, which I am hoping for and I asked my companion to give me a blessing. It was his first blessing too. He did a good job and he continues to do an excellent job. I feel the spirit very strongly here and the overwhelming feel has passed but the Spirit stays strong. Sometimes I feel it rush through my body with excite meant or its a reminder why I am her like Valdimer Saying he will be baptized.  Sunday was pretty cool because it actually felt like a break from all the chaos from the other days.  Elder Anderson also grew the most with the language and I think he is starting to enjoy it more.  Elder Anderson is from Washington, and loves extreme sports.  He is planning on going to BYU-I and kinda has a girl waiting for him.  The rules here are pretty strict however I was already committed, mind set, to them before I got here.  We have learned a lot about how to teach people and how to use the spirit in everyday tasks, especially using the language.  I only get 30 minutes to write emails so they maybe short and not very detailed in some areas. If  he want to know more you can email or write letters and I'll be gladly to add more.  I love you guys and miss you all.  I hope you are all having fun and everyone is helping mom.  I hope Spencer is being awesome in YSA and mission prep and Trey keep killing those vballs. Hannah I tell everyone that I'm exactly eight years younger and It was awesome having the same birthday. I also tell them I baptized you and it was an amazing feeling.  Mom I'm all good don't worry about me and my knee, it was a fluke in gym.  We accidentally fell on top of each other and the ball hadn't been played yet. I just fell wrong but I'll be okay.  Dad you should test how good my Portuguese is.  Amor voces!
Love from your son, brother, friend, and
Elder Searle

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