Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letter #3 - Oi

Hey family and friends,
I have almost been here for a two full weeks! I'm learning a lot and I know can carry a basic conversation with some of the Elders in class.  Today I woked at 5 am just so I could laundry and relax the rest of my P-day.  I'm exahusted but all is well and I wished I was in Brazil right know.  Well so far I have heard from Mom, Dad, and Spencer. LOL thanks Spencer for the beautiful letter.  And I didn't hurt myself the first day it was the second, first day of gym.  So how have you guys been? whats new? Is Spencer still fixed to that computer, just teasing.  How did Treyson do on Saturday.  Where are me goodies ;p again just teasing.  If you can't tell from this letter I'm doing really good.  I have  been to a lot a devo's and firesides in the last week.  They can be draining because we already sit all day in those sessions you get to sit more, in your suit, in a room filled with people.  The Spirit is strong but so is the body heat.  Utah isn't getting cold quite yet and thats good, I'm enjoying the weather and the perfect temp.  My last investagator was Valdimer, I was "transfred" and now have two new investagtors that I have yet to meet. Hopefully on wensday. Its hard to stay up and write this letter lol. So ya thats the bases of whats happened, my companion and I still get along well and we both like teaching, he doesn't like teaching in the language as much as English, but we both still like to teach.  Hows Max? :D I miss him and ya... well ummm O I got emails from my mission but I can't understand most of them because it is in Portuguese.  I tried reading them but it was really hard too.  One of these letters I'll start writing in Portugues and Dad will have to translate it  of Google Translate. I have 10 min left and write just writhing to use the time. We only get 30 min to write emails and only on P-day, so ofcourse I would write you every week Mom :). Good luck with everything and I miss all you guys and love you very much, can't wait to see you guys in two years (3 for Spencer) and I wish you all the best.
Elder Richard Scott Searle

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