Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter #9 - Finally in Sao Paulo

Hey Family!

São Paolo is huge. It is way bigger than New York and Brazilians drive crasy and super fast. There is run down buildings everywhere as well as huge building all over the places. Some neighborhoods are stacked on each other and most of the buildings have been tagged (spray painted on). I went to the temple today and it was awesome. It looks a lot bigger in the picture but its a very nice and pretty temple. The inside is quite amazing as well. Elder Boring is my companion, and well... we are getting along fine at the moment. He likes to talk a lot and feels like there isn´t time to do or say certain things in a lesson. I think he is too stuck on giving the lesson instead of getting to know the person and their needs. He does ask quetions but I think we could work on sharing the time better. He also loves talking to the Brazialins which is fine with me. It helps me learn to just talk to people. Today we get to go out and either buy or look around the neighbor hood. It doesn´t look like the safest place to live but there are a lot of other places that are way worse. Most of the people drive cars of mortocyclis and there are iron fences around every building. We here homemade fire works and other loud noises and the streets do~´t look very clean, but the people are nice and willing to talk to you. The love American culture, they even hate Justine Bieber and Rebecca Black. The MTC here is also a lot better. the food is better, the people are cooler, learning is more fun, and I get to say I lived in Brasil. I am also the District Leader which is basically just keeping tabs on people, inviting others to obey the rules, and running district meeting.Some of the Elders in class fall asleep but idk I am doing just fine staying awake. Church is also in English as well as the Temple session. Some places use English words and Portueges. Its really cool here. I am learing a lot and learing to speaker better. Letters take about a week so I would only get one letter here if you guys sent one so I mean if you guys want to send one you can. In the field it would be nice to atleast get one once a month. But you guys can decide what will be easier. I do not know how long they take to get to mty mission field. I miss you all and I am staying strong. I am doing my very best everyday and I actually feel like I am moving forward in the Language. Ficam firme!

Your son,

Elder Searle

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