Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letter #6 - Family Fun

Mom- Thank you for the B-day card. It was nice. Also thank you for the package and sweats. It is starting to get cold here. I bought socks at the MTC store so don't worry about the white socks.  I got it on my birthday so ya.. I got to open something on my B-day :). Love you Mom sorry I couldn't write more running out of time. I will probably write a letter.
Dad-  Thank you dad for the letter.  They don't really have SYL and at the same time they do.  Its more like as you progress the more you use it outside of class.  Most of the time in class you have to use your language. I do try to use as much of the language through out the day. Maybe you should do the same :p. lol anyways understanding is my issue. I can speak and memerize a lot of words and phrases but have a had time understanding what words are what.  I getting better but right now all I know is the basic idea of the conversations not the actual conversation.  I can understand my district because they use limited words and they are basically in the same area of speaking as I am.  They have a program called TALL, which basically helps you learn words, phrases, and grammer. there are a few listening parts too. Te amo e tem muito bom dia.
Spencer-  Thanks for the 4 sentences they really help lol. Yup knee is getting better, language is kinda getting better, and my understanding is getting a lot better.  The MTC has its good moments like temple walks, going to the temple, playing soccer, actually every good moment is away from the MTC except teaching.  When I teach I feel uplifted and full of energy.  It doesn't make any sense because I am so tired.  Keep being 20% cooler.
Treyson- Thanks for the letter trey, and the 2 sentences lol.  You basically two uped spencer.  anyways, what I have learned is that what you think isn't interesting is quiet interesting, for example every week we have a fireside and a devo.  We get to sit in really uncomfortable chairs and listen to invited speakers.  The only reason we go is 1) we have to 2) to gain insights 3) one of the 12 or the 1st presedency could be speaking :o.  And you can't misss your chance seeing a prophet of God in person, right? Plus its just nice to here whatever you guys are doing, even if it is the samething everyday. It puts a smile on my face.  Keep being 40% cooler ( cause you 2 uped spencer)
Hannah- Thank for the letter hannah. It was sweet plus next to mom and dad you had the longest letter :).  I love my teachers they are a really big help. Yesterday one of them helped me say words correctly because I already slur my words together.  I going have to work harder to make myself understood. I hoped you had a wonderful B-day and got everything you wanted, if you didn't you can give dad a kick in the pants for me ;).  I'm glad you love your teachers, don't grow up too fast. Enjoy Jr. high, it is meant to be fun.  I miss you and hope you are doing your very best to help Mom.

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