Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Letter #5 - Update

Mom-  My knee is doing really well.  The doctor gave me a brace and told me home therapy should be ok.  i also learned that my knees are funky and the groove which my knee sits in is shallow.  Meaning that it is very easy for my knee to dislocate and move around.  The brace they gave me is supposed to stop that and its the best brace I have had yet, kind of wished i had it in high school. The MTC store basically has everything, from shirts, jackets, bags, soap, deodorant, razors, alarm clocks, pens, paper, print pics, hymn books, candy, journals, envelopes, stamps, etc.  All of that you get 40% off and then the free stuff is Peach My Gospel ( 2 if you are speaking a language), BOM in your language (unless you speak English), the little pamphlets that Dad bought in Portuguese except they are in English, umm I got a water bottle with a filter and then language books to help you learn the language.  I would just buy the pens and notebooks and stuff you can get really cheap (like at the dollar store and just get it there) anything you get at the Desert Book store you can basically get at the MTC store and get it for cheaper.  If there is anything you want to know just ask.  thank you for the letters and I like both however when I get in Brazil, emails will be faster than letters.  I love the support and love.  I miss you all.  Thank Grandma and Grandpa Mangum for their letters and insights too. As well as anyone else who has sent me letters.  Goodies are always welcomed and I just want the bottom sweats.  It looks like I may be here through November, hopefully I don't get reassigned somewhere cold either. Love you Mom!
Dad- Thanks for the support and insights Eu vou estar firme e te amo. Eu sei que Eu sou bendito e sento suas amor. Obrigado!
Spencer- Waz up! Need another to say more :p Thanks for picking up Tony and being his friend and thanks for the support and love from the last letter lol.
Trey-Thank you for the Letter Trey. It was great to hear about you and how well you are playing.  I'm sure it will still be rough and there will be lots of ups and downs.  Here is some advice, pray before a game and after a game. pray in your heart and thank God for all that he has given you and the opportunity to play volleyball. It is a blessing to be on a team filled with good guys.  Volley =ball was the best sport to play on because everyone wants everyone to do well.  And if you desire to do well I'm sure if you thank him he will help you grow.  I love you too and don't grow too tall.
Hannah- I sent you a B-day card so hopefully you got it and hopefully you don't open it until your B-day. However if you did then I love you and hope you will have a wonderful B-day.  I also heard you did very well in the orchestra concert, Congrates!  The MTC is good and the language is having its ups and downs.  I'm almost at the point that I can spell words out based on how it sounds (only a few words here and there).  I'm also blessed to have a teacher that grew up in Brazil and knows the culture and how to say Brazil Portuguese.  My knee is doing great and I'm getting better. Thank you for asking. Love you.
Love everyone of you,
Elder Searle

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