Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter #19


Dear Family,
Ya missionary wark is warki but you can´t help but be happy and have a good time , that is if you are actually trying to work. Elder Muniz only has two weeks left, so in two weeks I will have a new companion. I was sick ( and maybe still am) for the last 3 days. Had a fever of 102 but I am doing better.  We meet some new people, a few are friends with people in the ward, and may have a date with the coming week. Understanding gets better everyday, not so much as the talking but I understand a lot more especially slang. It is kinda weird, if you speak formal Portuguese they don´t always understand you, but if you speak slang they think you speak perfect. So ya it is hard to learn a language only to have to relearn it. But is is all good.  Hope Spencer passes too. and that is an awesome story about Treyson. I really can´t believe he said that. So today Elder Muniz wanted to make pipas (kites) and so we are going to make like 6 for an investigator, he is like 8. But I feel like Elder Muniz will keep 1... or 2... or even 3 for himself until he leaves. O ya Saturday was fun. I got to go on a 4 hour bus ride to another city because we have two missionaries that our in our district living there. And it was pretty awesome except I was super sick and wasn´t total there but there was a baptism and then we didn´t get to leave for home until 12 45 at night. so yay by the time we got home it was 6 in the morning and so I basically got no sleep for Sunday morning, but it was still fun. The two attachments are about my hair cut.
Love you all and hope everything is super.
Elder Searle

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