Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letter #15

Hey family :D,
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  So I already talked to you guys yesterday but today is p-day so I get to e-mail. Anyways today was my 1st transfer so I have survived 6 weeks here in Brasil. YAY! Now I just have to try and actually understand what people are saying. But with the Lord´s help I will be fine.  It was awesome being able to talk to you guys on skype and I can´t wait until the next time.  Well it sounds like things are moving there, slowly but surely. Basically the same here.  I am progressing slowly but surely. I told you guys I had 2 baptism yesterday and wore bishops tie. So I don´t know when I will be sending that but hopefully soon. I am just starting to get comfortable here.  But is has been a wild 6 weeks. Not knowing where you are, not knowing where you are going, and not knowing what people are talking about. Ya pretty exciting lol. Anyways Elder britto got transferred to the mission office. Elder Farley is going to be a dad(trainer). I am still with Elder Muniz. Elder Anderson my 1st companion in the mtc got transfered, his companion is going to be a zone leader.  And ya so not too much is new. right now we are in a threesome with elder farely until tomorrow or wed.
Love you all, hope for the best. And I am always praying for you guys.
Elder Searle

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