Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter #18


Dear Family,
I am already done with 4 months and have survived 2 months in Brazil. YAY! I am starting to make connections with the language and it is starting to make sense, a little bit. Sometimes it feels like English when I talk with Elder Muniz. So ya I tried to download all the pics but it takes for ever so iy may take a couple of weeks to get them all downloaded. Oh and I can´t be logined in on my email account and yours at the same time, it is some security thing with the computer.  I will try to send my tie sometime today and I don´t know when it will get there.  I should be fine with money. I wrote Tony a letter and I don´t know if it helped, never heard from him.  Glad to see Dad finally got a teaching opportunity and he is having fun with his phone.  I have recovered from volleyball and I took great care of myself because I didn´t even peel, that much lol. And I am definitely dark now.  That's cool Chris, Zach, and Spencer are attending temple prep.  I would ask them to actually stop and ponder about the temple and what it mans to them. There is no right or wrong answer but the temple for me is very special because of what it reminds me. Like why I am here and what I have already done. Especially now that I can´t go for two years. Hope Sister Lewis will get better and that is pretty cool to hear about the only baptismal font.  We had another baptism. Kess Jones lol, he was baptized Sunday and he is 17 almost 18. He wants me to baptize his sister. Hopefully We will have another one next week, so thank you for your guy prays. Yup so nothing really else new here, I teach, contact, teach, wait, teach, contact, sleep and then basically do it all over again but it is a lot of fun to see people grow and understand. You definitely can see the spirit at work in some people´s lives and it is amazing.
Love you all
Elder Searle

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