Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letter #13


Dear Family,
Got your blue letter with snowmen on it. Thank you for the scriptures dad. The bat was alive and they put it on a tree outside our house. It was pretty small. I took pics of it. We might do skype for the phone call on Christmas ( very most likely). I had to wash my clothes by hand for 3 weeks and all the clothes are dried by hanging them up.  I only get a headache when I talk and listen in Portuguese and by the end of the day my brain feels like jello. I am learning about 15 new words each day. I don´t always remember them the next day but some words are starting to click and make sense. For example ficar has like 4 different meanings and almost always can be used in a sentence. Elder Muniz and I are getting along and he makes the mission a lot of fun and we work a lot too.  He has made teach a few message on my own during family night with members and Eduardo´s family. So I am slowly getting the language down. We had another missionary in my group get his vista and he is in my district. Technically anyone can email me I can only email family/extended family back.  So I don´t know what team I should be on here in Brasil. I am more leaning toward the Corthians but I want to know what team is dads. Well we should have 2 baptisms this week so please pray for them. We need all the help we can get. A lot of our investigators are bailing out on us.
Love you all
Elder Searle

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