Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letter #12


I can´t think of nothing that I need or want at the moment because I am still a little overwhelmed here, but it is getting better and I don´t feel as home sick I as did before.  I also got your guys letter couple days ago from nov 17 and they really lifted me up so thank you. This week was better we almost taught 20 lessons, which was our goal, we were one short.  We have about 6 people "preparing" for baptism. They are having some issues either reading, attending  church, or praying.  I am starting to say things correctly and almost able to answer bigger questions lol. Elder Muniz has to remind members I only know simple Portuguese and don´t understand most of the words they are saying.  Present tense is almost normal, just have to learn the over  or 7 tenses. It also doens´t help that I am in the redneck area of Brasil and no one here speaks correctly, but I am trying my best to understand as much as I can. I want to write two stories Elder Bednar told when he was here. The 1st is about a tradition in the church. It is a game called guess what is in my head. The teacher asks question that he has an answer to already. He told us that this tradition is silly and only teaching acquires, there is no learning. For example he called on one missionary to stand, the missionary one was surprised and two became very nervous thinking at he would have to answer a question. Elder Bednar explained the missionary when called on has forgotten everything being taught as the fact that an apostle of the lord had called on him he even probably forgot his name and where he was.  We should not do this to our investigators. our answers do not matter, theirs do.
The other story is when he was in Germany. His 1st area was basically called Zion because they had a car, peanut butter (it was free), and the area was beautiful. then he got transferred to an area with no car, rained a lot, no peanut butter.  all he could do was think about the things he missed but that nigh prayed to heavenly father to help him remember the basics of being a missionary. He didn´t need to learn new things, just the simple basics. he then stated that the area flourished, he forgot the peanut butter, the car, the warm beautiful in his last area.  And he was happy. I am trying to do the same and so far I am happy, tired but happy. I have experienced horizontal rain, hot rather, investigators that stop investigating and the biggest headache in the world but some how I am happy.
Here are some 1st here
  • I had something that was like coffee but wasn´t
  • No washing machine for 3 weeks
  • invited someone to prepare to be baptized after church
  • Saw the entire congregation bear their testimony ( basically all of them)
  • found a bat
  • Got lost
The got lost part wasn´t that big of a deal he just didn´t know when to get off the bus.

Yes we walk everywhere expect district meeting. we ride in a cramped bus with a crazy driver.( Brazilians are crazy when it comes to driving). The phone call home, OK this is how it will work. I will call you guys from a members house on the p-day before Christmas and tell you guys to call this number at a certain time on Christmas. We even can do a test call that day to make sure it will work.

Well I love you all and wish the best for all. You guys are always in my prayers.
Ficam firme!
Elder Searle

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