Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter #16


Hi mom,
I am doing ok. Couple of days ago kinda started to hit a wall.  Like it is one thing not being able to speak well and understand and another to be told you don´t speak correctly and not enough.  So ya... I did a lot of praying and a lot of thinking. Elder Muniz said I was being triste but I had a lot on my mind and couldn´t answer him why at the time.  I just want to be at a level that I just haven´t reached yet and the hard part is the more I progress the higher I raise the bar on myself. The funny part too is Enlgish is starting to be harder to speak. So hopefully you guys can understand this email.  Well I am sure things are being busy their and you probably have a lot going on so don´t worry about the letters too much. I am I do want them but you don´t have to force yourselves to make time just for me. Ya I wished I could see my grandmas and grampas one more time too. I miss the family but I am starting to settle here. That is a funny story about the sister missionaries. 3 days ago we were going to teach Arleide not to seperate from her husband and explain that it is a sin and life would be haarder to raise two kids without him. She actually prayed about it and recieved an answer to marry him. He has actually agreed. Before he wasn´t really wanting to do it and we are also helping them, a lot.  So now all we have to do is try to have arleide come to church with her family, as well as her husband and get her husband on board to be baptized. Problem is he doesn´t want to give up his achool. but it was cool Arleide recieved the same answer as us.  Sometimes that mountain feels like a path like three days ago, it is steady and strait and other like rock climbing a giant cliff and you don´t know when you will get over it.  Thank you Dad for the infomation about the pics and hopefully I will have time to upload them. Hope all is well and you had a great new year and always keep looking foward, you don´t want to be turn to a pilar of salt. (if you didn´t get that refrence I would go to the bible Book of Genesis chapters 11-14 and 19
Love from you son and brother,
Elder Searle

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