Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter #17


Hey Family,
You guys are awesome. I got your package and letters. Thank you very much. I have been missing skittles and starburts for a while ( hadn´t had them for about 2 months lol). Anyways I got the letters from sister Axeman and Durbin and thank them a ton. I played volleyball today and now I am super red. I also able to log in on the account for the pictures. So hopefully I will upload them today. Lets see, We have one person on date for baptism and he asked me to baptise him. His name is Kess Jones. His kinds of strange but he likes to talk to me even though I don´t understand anything he says half of the time. He speaks a lot of slang. We had a ton of investigators this Sunday. Thank you for the prays and please keep praying for them. Arleide e Assil are still struggling but the progress is slow and may take another week or two to help them stay solid. I am learning you can´t push people or expect them to change. They have to want to change and that desire is hard to keep firm in others hearts especially when you don´t quite understand everything.  Entao eu estou bom. Elder Farely, outro americano é chato as vezes por que ele sempre falia isso, voce precisa falar Portugues mais. Entao eu sei mas todo mundo falaram isso e eu nao goste.  Eu quero falar mas dificil falar com outros quando eu nao entenda. So that part was to help dad with Portugues but yay. Learning another language can be annoying when everyone tells you, you do´t talk enough. I explain, in portugues why and then they kinda are shocked because I spoke a lot of portugues to them and then they realize oh maybe I should try to ask quetion about him inorder to either help or understand him better. Mas pode ser. (whatever) I will learn very soon and I am more confident reading, and taking the lead during lessons. So I will be ready when elder Muniz leaves. Yay so thank you Hannah for the pics and letter. I greatly enjoyed it. Thank you trey too. Hope volleyball gets better. Hope Spencer is working hard ;). Love you mom and glad you are doing well. Hope Dad is doing amazing as well. Pray for all of you and love you all. (oh by the way I didn´t have a pic of the family until I got the package and it is probably the best part of it. Thank you very very much)
Elder Richard Scott Searle

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