Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letter #14


Dear Family,
Thank you so much for your prays and we finally have a date that is basically set in stone for Eduardo e Lena. Both will be married on the 23rd, then baptized on the 24 then confirmed 25. So my Christmas will be eventful.  Entao we will do a skype call on Christmas ( it will be 6 o clock here and 3 o clock where you guys are). Anyways we will probably do a test call some time this week to make sure everything works but make sure everyone is available around that time :). Thank you for the support dad and the info about basketball, I have been dying to know.  That will be cool to watch Blake and Griffin.  Too bad the suns are being the suns.  Anyways missionary work is definitely work.  We have been struggling with a few of our investigators and had to drop a few, which I don´t like but we may have two baptism this week, keep on praying.  I am understanding more everyday and even talking more, its hard trying to talk to people when you don´t know a lot. The president is having me learn 15 words a day, trying to do that as well as understand the grammar. It is basically old broken English, really old English. But the spirit has helped alot and I believe because the spirit I am able to understand more.  Well I have survived 5 weeks so far in the field. Who would have thought one person not understand a single word can survive.  Well still waiting on that account where I can send you guys pic (DAD) lol. I have a lot of pics for you guys. Couple of days ago it poured hard, real hard, the streets were flooded, I guess that is not normal in my area.  We also got to do a tour of the chapel in English. It was to help a Brasilian learn English.  Lets see... I played volleyball today, it was a lot of fun, had mission conference and it was basically a party because of natal. I don´t have a whole lot to write about this week, maybe Brasil is starting to feel normal idk. Well Still trying to work hard this week will be Crazy because I guess there will be a lot of splits and interviews for baptisms which will be good. Everyone in my group has a vista and we are basically in the same area just different zones.  My area is varzea grande, cristo rei. basically a river separates cuiaba and my city. it is kinda hard to describe exactly my area, I just know I am there lol. Well I am doing well, feel stronger, and Idk I just feel a lot happier this week maybe cause natal, baptism, or cause I will get to talk to you guys this coming week. Keep loving life, se amo.
Elder Richard Scott Searle

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