Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #38


Dear Family,
Well 1st off happy belated birthday and Happy Memorial weekend to all of you guys too. Let Grandma and Grandpa Mangum I got their letter and I really enjoyed it. Glad to have your guys support too, it has been a hard transfer but only one more week and I have made it through. So glad to hear everyone will basically be busy during the Summer, espescially Spencer lol. And dad keep practicing the Portugues you will remember it all again. Actually this kid that is sitting next to me stareted speaking to me and I understood it and spoke back and he didn´t laugh at mine and he understood mine too. So it was really weird but yet so natural. English still has its bumps and Anderson keeps that in mind lol. Anyways he is doing better, had a rough time with Melo but I think we all learned to love him in some way. We also made gaggys like ever week ,so i AM OUT OF PEANUT BUTTER BUT IT WAS WOrth it just to get through the transfer. Anderson is having a lot of 1st on the mission, 1st break up, 1st dying and really fubecka missionary, and he is still here. He wants to go home but at the same time he doesn´t. I am at the point where I don´t think I am ever going home so just accept the fact I could be killing missionaries for my entire mission. Get ready for some fun Spencer lol, but always remember you can pray and read the scriptures, they help pass the time and reall strengthen you.

So Elder Wilson and I have an investigator who has already recieved an answer, a dream even, and still doesn´t feel ready to be baptized. We don´t know how to help understand that she needs to be because she wants to just wants to wait. And we explained to her already the importance of baptism, she has friends in the church, and even church talked about doing things based off the spirit now not later. So... I guess this week is to really push a date and hopefully this satureday and be confirmed sunday. So ya wish me luck and lots of prayes too.

I am really grateful for your guys emails and letters. They are very important too me and love it when you guys put humor and stories and it really brightens my week. Thank you dad for the little updates on sports, gives me a smile, and Mom your stories of the family are the best. I am currently in Alma chapter 9 and should be and chapter 11 or 12 tonight. I am a little behind becasue I had the cold or flu or something, but I am gettting better I don´t know why I keep getting sick. I try to drink lots of water and those vitamin pills and more fruits and vegitables but ya... maybe teaching me humlity and ask more blessing in my life and rely on others. I don´t do tha a lot. I really try to only rely on myself but Anderson has really taught me to rely on my leaders whenever possible because if I don´t want to keep killing missionaries they will help me ´´move up´´ in the mission. So hopefully I will be doing something else than killing on the mission.

Oh so I bought a coupe of nice futebol shirst and a hammock. So I am finally starting on my collection of stuff lol. So ya I guess I need a bigger suit case I won´t be able to bring 3 pillows whereever I go. You have to sacrifice so much on the mission like a pillow or two just to have some really cool stuff lol. Well I will let you guys know next week where I will be and who will be my new companion. Almost 9 months ( Elder Anderson does a good job counting lol he is kinda trunky cause of all the dying missionaries in the zone 7 or 8 missionaries will be dying... it is so exciting.)

Se amo

Elder Searle

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