Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #34


Dear Family,
I am doing good. Elder Wilson loves to run in the morning so I do a lot of that. He also works but he admits if I didn´t keep a good tab on it he would enjoy sleepying in a chair and drink tererĂ©. But he does want to end it well he just needs the motivation to keep going. We have a few possiblilties this coming week and then the next one but that is if they go to church, so we´ll see. I am learning a lot of words and grammer again, forgot some or didn´t practice them very well with Elder Farley but I am back up to speed for the most part. I am also in Mosiahs and been reading the BOM in portugues. What else... played futebol today that was fun and ya been working a lot.

So I hear there is a lot of juggling at home. Well i have learned one thing here on the mission is reading scriptures at night and in the morning really helps with that, don´t really know why but I am able to do a lot more in the day when I study. But keep the good work and good things will come out of it. And don´t stress out about the little things enjoy the little things instead. They are a lot harder to enjoy sometimes but they can really make the difference in the day. For example numbers. Numbers here on the mission suck and number of baptism is different but number of peole you teach and how many you teach and really can make a difference. You could teach 20 lessons a week but that doesn´t matter if you are not teaching like 10 people becasuse a lot of people will deline but they more you teach the more people you can find ready to be baptized. So they do count but they can be annoying and really hard to juggle.

Well I do hope finals come out alright and they will if you guys are trying your best . Hope mom you are doing well and not stressing out and juggling too much yourself. THat is cool to hear about the new class dad will be taking, might learn a few things when I get back. Brasilians don´t know how to budget money so it is always funny to hear them say where did you get that money? Oh Dad what is your team from brazil and have you ever tried tererĂ©?

Se amo

Elder Searle

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