Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #35


Dear Family,
I will be able to talk to you on skype. I will call you guys after you guys get home from church. So be ready.

Sounds like everyone is slowing down for the summers and is going good. Wow lots of people getting married this year, that is pretty crazy. Wish them luck from me.

Thank you for the scriptures mom and yes I did get my package, well kinda. it is sitting at the zone leaders house so I haven´t gotten to open yet but I will.

So elder Wilson and I are doing alright. I think he thinks he speasks good portugues, but sometimes it is worse than mine. Like I am no pro at it yet but he doesn´t really do what he claims he has done in the past. So I think he is trying to go off what feels natural rather than practice grammer more often. I still have tons to learn as well as how to speak to people here how they speak. It is really complicaded. Anyways it is coming, I am starting to be able to read faster and know more words in one day ( I hope that sentence made sense). I am almost into alma, the biggest book than after that it should be a breeze to finish it.

Elder Anderson and Melo are having issues and part of it is Elder melo and the other par t is Elder Anderson learning how to work with it but he is not really use to a dying companion ( his 1st one). I am trying to help him stay psitive but some days I feel their companionship affecting me and ELder Wilson. It is one 4 more weeks so not a lot of time.

Hope you guys are doing great, nothing really new to tell here. Still trying to get 6 baptism for Elder Wilson (his goal) and they keep on falling. Looks like we just need to start over againg and find brand new people. I am sure it will work out. I have learned a lot on the mission and Spencer I really do encouarge you to read the BOM in your mission language before you go because there is a promise that comes by reading it in whatever language, you will become fluent in that language. I know it would be somewhat of a pain but read it out loud and if you can´t read all of it try and read it untill you get to the feild. I have seen many elders simple just read the BOM and they speak better afterwards. It is helping me alot. Love you all. ( Dad you should read it in portugues to remeber how to speak portugues again) and hope life goes well.

se amo

Elder Searle

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