Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter #39


Dear Family,
I am doing great, have a new companion, a brasilian, Elder Caralie ( I think), who only has a year so at least I won´t be killing him. I hear he is kinda de boa, meaning really relaxed and somewhat lazy. So I guess I just need to take over and get these baptisms myself. So We have a few possiblities next week but really depends on the investigators fulfilling their commitments.But I may baptize 3 men this transfer, which is huge. Anderson is not happy becasue he isn´t senior and he is companions with a brasilain who has the same time as us. He really hates the Prez. At least I got him to stay and not leave the mission. but I don´t know how this transfer will go. I explianed that this mission is the weakest in brasil and it will probably have to be our group to change that. HE said he was just one person, but I said fine but I am going to do it with you or without, but it will be a lot easier with you. He still not happy but staying until the new prez. I just got to the part were Almuque smashed on everybady and zeerom. ( don´t know how to spell their names in English) but it was pretty good. Too many people here in Brasil want to agrue and I realised I have to be firm and 100% certain I am doing the right thing, not being in the right, but doing it.

that is so cool you talk to Sister Gittings, and it would be awesome to know and maybe visit her if she come. Also to have the missionaries visit her brother. And if she would bring me stuff she would be an angel and a great blessing. Sometimes the members here in pedra 90 are to selfish and don´t even open their doors to use. I mean their hearts really but ya even to other members. THere is a lot of finger pointing and not enough people helping. So Anderson and I are going to try abd change it. I don´t know how but lately, evn going outside and walking, we find people, so hopefully it will be kinda like that. I think Anderson´s real problem is it is not like salt lake were they baptize a ton and work super hard and here not even the leaders are worthy. Its sad but they need a kid like him who knows how the system should be.

Anyways, excited to work again. The lady didn´t go to church but wilson never wanted to visit her again and I was with Anderson trying to get a roll going for this wek so ya. I will let you know when she gets in the water. ;). love you guys, keep working hard, Spencer, você é o cara ( you are the man). Treyson don´t get lazy, and Hannah keep being pretty but keep the boys away, they are evil. Tell Sister Gittings, her story was amazing and a true testimony of the power of God. Tell Everyone in the ward I miss them, wish them the best, and I love them.

se Amo
Elder Searle (son)

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