Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #37


Dear Family,
So I am doing great amd I will be working a lot more with Elder Anderson. Basically Elder Wilson has thrown in the towel and doesn´t want to work anymore because we got one baptism. So ya Elder Anderson and I will be getting a few more before the transfer ends.

I will try to download a ton of pictures too in the next couple weeks but the internet here is too slow ( won´t even allow me to see picture that I have already downloaded). So maybe if I go to central or somewhere else with better internet.

Ya dengue can be pretty serious. basically if you get it once the chance of you getting it again is higher and you could get the more serious one too. Even some American mission presidents send you home if you get it twice. And I try to use insect repelent before I sleep and duringthe harder days but is is really hard to avoid being bitten when you use to live next to a tire shop and the just let the old tires stack up next to our stair way. But I am trying to be better. Fans really help too.

Awesome that school is almost done and you guys are ready to sleep in lol. I can´t wait in a year and 4 months lol.

I really love that you have a testimony of prayer, in fact it is becasue of pray I have had very special experinces in my life before the mission as well as during. I really wish I have these experinces after the mission too. And Dad thank you about D&C 84. It basically explains why there are missionaries, members, leaders and the need of only one trye church. Funny thing is I taught a class on the people of the convant of the Lord. ( not sure if I translated it correctly but it is basically about the new and everlasting covenant.) It was really hard to teach cause I am not very fulent in the language yet and scared to death too, but many members helo the lesson go pretty smoothly. I explained that we needed these convenants in oder to continue in this life and return to HIm in the next. And with the priesthood we could make these covenants with the Lord in order to be saved and recieve help and guidance. It was really cool to teach (vey hard) but rewarding at the same time.

The reason I gave Spencer that comitment is becasue a profeta of the Lord has given that promise to everyone and I believe and know that if we follow the counsel of the profeta we can recieve those promissed blessings. Sometimes we sit back and want to see what happens to others but we usually end up thinking ``oh that was nice`` instead of really understanding the power of following the profeta. I know a lot of times I think oh that would be cool or awesome but I don´t do anything about it until it is almost too late and then I am trying to catch up rather than move forward and even lead. Too many of us like to sit back and watch and then if it works out follow the group. So Spencer do it now and you will be some what ahead. I mean it is very hard to be prepared for the field but you can always have a good start and somethime that can make the biggest difference in a race. So Good luck and go strong from the begging.

I love you all. Hope finals go well, hope everyone is getting along. Hope you guys don´t sleep in too much. Treyson hope camps go well, don´t get lazy lol. Hannah miss ya. Love you MOM and DAD.

Se amo

Elder Searle

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