Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter #36


Dear FAmily,
So it was awesome talking toall of you. I have a question what happened to al l the pictures I downloaded to the website last time. I don´t want to download moe if some how they all disapeared. Um... well the thing with ELder Wilson is he is n´t really good at speaking portugues, I mean he can let other know what he is trying to say but he has a very heavey american accent and sometimes other people understand me a whole lot better than him. I think he knows that but I don´t know, lately he stated throwing out stences and words at me ], you know inorder to bring me down and he does weird random stuff and if I don´t follow him then it is my fault. so ya I don´t know I just stayed queit for a long time and then one day he started to do it in front of an investigator, and I actually really got pissed at him and one day I just yellded at him and he yelled back but he pushed me and I was ready to throw a jaab at his throat but I didn´t ( I was super pissed too and I don´t know how I stopped myself but I did) basically elder wilson is a lot like me before the mission aand ya I think he really has a hard time talking to people in general. DBut now we are good. not tight but good, I think he is just ready to die. Anyways I think I will go on more splits with Anderson anyways just to make sure there is a buffer on somedays with wilson because HE doesn´t really look happy to be with me lol.

They have tons of apples here and pharmacies that is also basically on every corner too. So I should be good. I am not too bad besides the fact we walked in the rain back home for almost two hours lol so much for dit being hot and getting better. But I will be alright, drugged my self up today.

Well I am glad tom has taken my place at home aand still acting like a boy ( sorry mom). and I hope mothers day was amazing. Spencer don´t forget to raad the BOM in JApanesse. Uhm.. I don´t know what else to write ,I might go buy a hamock today or some futebol shirts or something.

Se amo

Elder Searle

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