Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter #42


Dear Family,
Thanks mom nd dad for your guy´s letter. They really do help lift me up for another week. We got another baptism this week, so that is awesome. I am working hard with Carlaile and he really helps me understand what I can do better everyday. I am tired everyday ( feels good unlike with the dead) and I am excited to finish this tranfere strong. Elder Anderson has grown a lot, I think thebrasilians understand I like a clean house. ( how can someone be 22 and not clean up after himself ). I am in Alma 40, almost done and catching up. The girls in the ward are snakes but I do keep my distance, I don´t have anymore strikes to give and I rather not try and push the line. However the members blamed the past missionaries that the young women that were baptized, didn´t stay firm becasue of the missionaries. And we basically got chewed out for what they did. So that is more of my problem with the members. They point the finger and not even at the right people. ( And they didn´t call the PRez because they like the missionaries so... I just don´tknow what to do but just ignore it and work). So that what I have been doing working and walking a lot and it is nice to sleep really hard.

Ya Hannah can keep the bed board thingy. And I am glad to hear about Max. I miss him. lol Glad to hear everyone is busy and going smoothly, Trey stop teasing Hannah, and Spencer you are o cara (the face, really it means the man in this context but normally face).  I played basketball and volleyball today and bought a few futebol shirts. So I had a good P-day. There is a new sister here and she has been having a rough start but is pulling through it. We all have learned to just try to make it until tomorrow and when you finally start understanding, and talking, enjoy working with the people you forget how much time you have like me I forget I have 9 months lol. Spencer just keep doing oyur best and the Lord will bless you more than you know.

Love you all
se amo
Elder Searle (Your son)

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