Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter #41


Hey Family,
So 1st thing is the address to my mission has changed to Av. Hist. Ruben De Mendonça 1731, Bairro Consil, sala 10, Cuiaba - MT Brasil 78050-975. The other adress was to a postal box and they will don´t be using it becasue it costs money and it is slower. So yup I also got another baptism this Sunday and reach alma chapter 24 in Portuguese. I am really workin hard to sound more Brasilian and not be like Elder Wilson who had a super American accent. Our goal is to baptise a man this week but I don´t know how thta is going to work out. it seems loike all the men we meet can´t quite drinking our can´t get married legally. So We got some work on our hands. Elder Caraile has taught me a lot and is really fun. However Elder de freittas doens´t like the fact that me and Anderson speak English in the house because he doesn´t understand and Elder Caraile and understand a little bit. To most brasilians it is like a sin or something to speak even a little english. I don´t know, but it is funny/annoying how they kinda freak out about it.  The ward is seems to be more against us than I thought. They want us to baptize but they want us to tell them and lead them to the people we are baptizing before the baptism so they can tell them the ``real deal`` about being a member. And so far we have lost baptism becasue of it. So... I think I will follow Preach My Gospel on this one and hand them over aftert the baptism so they can teach lesson 5, like it should be. I am all for working with members but there are some here who feel like how the missionaires teach is wrong and they have to fix everything and they are the only ones trying to get a chapel and all we do is flirt with the girls oin the ward. Well, only the girls in the ward help us and give us names and want us to actually meet their friends and baptize them. I understand we as missionaries should  keep our distance but for me it really pisses me off when the members just sit on their buts and eternal investigators are a whole lot cooler to work with and talk to than them. And so Pedra 90 will probablly be closed and have to travel to another wrd to meet. I believe almost none of the mwill do that.
But we are trying and trying to reactivate at the same time but without the members doing the work themselves it will never work.
Anyways, cool to hear everyone is having fun and have lots planned. The mission is starting feel like it is moving, finally! I am super excited for this week to baptize a lot of people. A lot of firm people too. I also like the fact I feel super tired by the end of the day like I worked out for an entire day. It is also nice to find that we basically teach more than 10 lessons a week. Oh my goodness, when you teach the day just flies by, especially when you understand too. Spencer I promise you if you read the book of mormon, in Japanse you will be the man in oyu mission. Also memorize as much as you in the MTC, like the 1st vision, the purpose and a few key scriptures (ex D&C 4, James 1:5, ect.). They will really help. And here is a tip, when you start a lesson tell people you are a missionary and your purpose is tp help people follow Christ through baptism and then invite the to be baptized if they feel it is true. You will shock your companions and teacher in the MTC, but it is how you invite people. Introduce, purpose, invite. If they say no, understand why not, then do suppose this problem was sovled then would you be baptized, if yes BAM you got it , if no cut. (this info helps treyson too.) lol so ya I am doing great, hope you dont get sick anymore mom, plus the cold phase here is pretty much gone. It is basically still super hot.  Anderson is doing better, really has grown up a lot, he says I am a lot like Dad. I have also learned why dad is the way he is. Brasilians... they really help you learn to listen, be patient, loving (all the time), and even more patient lol. Love you guys, Fique firme, sempre cresça.
se amo,
Elder Searle

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