Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter #40


Dear Family,

That is really cool that you guys got to go to LA and have lots of fun.  Thank you for keeping me updated and it has been a rough time for Anderson, because he really wants to be senior. THe problem is that the prez trusts brasilians more than americans sometimes even if the brasialin is not obeying the rules. I know no one is perfect but the prez also forgets a lot of missionaries. I know Grandpa tried everyday to learn everyone´s names and even Anderson´s prez in Salt Lake knew him and he was there only for 2 weeks. The Prez forgot me one time and told it to my face and I was in the office and saw him everyday. I don´t know I think he is ``dying`` and this whole dying thingreally pisses me off sometimes. We teach to continue until the end but even as missionaries for two years we can not do this. That is what I call wrong and the PRez hasn´t been a very good example.

So that is me complaning for the day. We got to watch the Manaso Temple get dedicated and it was really cool. Elder Uthdorf dedicated the temple. And we almost had a baptism but it fell through but we have a few oportunites next week so I am still working :). Carlaile is really cool he has a year and is kinda like Elder MUniz and Farely put together but at the sametime his own person. I think the blessins are finally coming and Carlaile and I will baptize a ton of people here.The other Elder, de freitas, is 22 years old same time as us and doesn´t know how to take care of himself. It makes me face palm sometimes. Last night we stayed somewhere else because for P-day we hiked a montain and then came home to a destroyed house. They are no where to be found, probably at the center or office exploring. THey also used a lot of our food and now we are short on food and I have been using my card becasue of this. But money will come in a couple of days so I should hold out. I finally feel exhauseted not just tired and it´s good. I sleep hard at night. Most of my dreams now are only about Brasil and not home so I guess thats good.

That would be intresting to work with spencer because tons of people from japan live here and I actually thought about it a little bit when he recieved his call. Well at least I could go on a trip to Japan and he can translate. lol. this week got ba little cold but is is hot again just like AZ. So ya not missing too much. Love you all, enjoy the summer.

se amo
Elder Searle.

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