Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter #43


Dear Family,
Happy late birhtday Trey, hopefully it was awesome. I really miss Bispo Wold and a few other members in the ward they really made a difference in my life. Well things are going well with Carlaile, and not so well with Elder Anderson. In fact we got into a fight and he did a weird poke thingy with his hand into my stomach and I hit him in the shoulder afterwards. He has been really negative this entire transfer and I think I finally got fed up with it. I am now only speaking portugues with everyone and I guess it is helping. I am in alma 48. So I am getting closer to being done with the BOM. Carlaile and De Freittas have really helped me say words correctly.

We had to cut a lot of people this week and thus we didn´t get a baptism but we are going to try and mark dates with the new people we have found. Hopefully they fulfill their comitments and they well be ready to be baptized for sure. The hardest part is allowing people to make these comittments on their own. Sometimes I want to do it for them but in order for them to recieve an answer they have to do it and I can only show and teach it is important. It is their choice to plant that seed ;).

I haven´t meet my president but we will have a conference with him next week so I will defenitly meet him. Well it still hasn´t gotten cold here and I and dying of the heat. It is suppose to get colder but that doesn´t look like it will happen. I am glad spencer is excited and is look spiffy lol. I kinda would like a suit but is is way to hot for one. I would also love a car and Dr. Pepper too but they don´t have that either. lol. I miss a lot of food from america but it is all good I will be back someday, maybe... lol. I am so happy to be able to work and not think about home. The more time I try to do stuff the less time I have to think about home. 

Thank you for the update. The m oney didn´t come in becasue of the whole new Prez and stuff, but I will not use my account. I need to be a little bit better on how I save my money from now on. I will do my best claro and I love you all.

Pai muito obrigado por sua ajuda. Eu estou bem e estou trablhando muito com meu companheiro Elder Carlaile. Ele é legal, mas ele também é de boa. Mas com ele Eu estou feliz é super animado para trabalhar. eu te amo e tenho saudade da família. Eu oro por vocês cada dia. Fique firme, feliz, e melhor.
Se amo
Elder Searle 

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