Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter #21

Dear family Mom, dad, Spencer, Treyson, and Hannah,

Well I am doing bom demais, or awesome. I have learned a lot from Elder Muniz and now he is already leaving for home. I am going to miss him. We almost ended his mission on a high note, a baptism. But Junior bailed on us on Sunday and we can´t get a hold of him ever since. He is ready just I think nervous or may have fallen a little. I don´t know what happened but we will get him in the water. So I get a new companion and I won´t know who until he comes tonight. So ya I kinda have to be the senior for this week, yay... I actually should be excited cause it will force me to talk more  and not just answer questions or talk through Muniz. Don´t get me wrong I understand a lot. Most of the time I can understand an entire conversation but it is difficult for others to completely understand me. Part of the problem is some of them go o you are an American, you don´t speak or understand, which is not true that just don´t want to try and understand me. But I try to talk and sound like I know what I am doing. I have already taught a lesson with just an investigator and I so I think I will just be fine. The slang is what really gets me but thanks to Elder Farley I have learned a lot in order to understand. so ya basically I have been super busy these last few weeks and so far actually have been the fastest weeks of my mission. So it is exciting cause sometimes it feels like I not really doing anything but teaching and people actually come to church or receive and answer. It really weird cause most of the time it is like oh sorry I was tired, or I worked late or I forgot. Idk I feel I am being blessed a lot more than I deserve sometime but hey I love being here, it is weird and difficult but i love it here. I am starting to forget how somethings taste, sound ,and look in the US. I hope that is a good thing. That is exciting to hear about Spencer and the rest of the guys. Spencer you will love your mission so the best advice I can give you is read and pray as much as possible and I know the Lord will bless you with great knowledge. Trey keep playing hard and enjoy it. That is cool that you want to do track Hannah, it will be a lot of fun. Love you Dad and Mom.
Então muito brigado por suas oracões e cartas. Eu sinto amor de vocés. 
Elder Searle

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